How to Use JASP: JASP on YouTube

This blogpost provides an overview of the JASP tutorials available on YouTube. We will discuss the available tutorials and highlight some of the videos.

First, the video’s by Erin Buchanan, professor in Cognitive Analytics at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. Erin Buchanan owns the YouTube page ‘Statistics of DOOM’. The channel contains video tutorials for different statistical programs as G*Power, R, and, of course, JASP. The JASP tutorials are from 2016, based on JASP version 7.1.12, and 2017, based on JASP version 0.8. The tutorials cover a wide range of frequentist analyses, as t-tests and Exploratory Factor Analysis.

Another JASP YouTuber is Tom Faulkenberry, Associate Professor and Assistant Head in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Tarleton State University in Stephenville and co-author of the book ‘Learning Statistics with JASP’. On his YouTube channel there are three JASP tutorials from 2015. The videos illustrate the use of basic JASP features and analysis, as loading data and correlations.

The YouTube channel Lindenloot by Lotje van der Linden contains JASP videos in English and French. The tutorials in French are based on version 0.7.5, and the tutorials in English on version and higher. The tutorials show how to open a data file in JASP and the use of frequentist analyses as t-tests and ANOVA’s.

Alexander Swan is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Eureka College in Eureka. On his YouTube channel there are 13 JASP tutorial videos. In these videos, he shows the working of JASP 0.10.0 and higher. The tutorials range from basic skills, as opening datasets, to frequentist analyses, as Repeated Measures ANOVA.

Finally, there is our own YouTube channel JASP Statistics. Our channel contains three playlists: “How to Use JASP”, “Classical Analyses in JASP”, and “Bayesian Analysis in JASP”. The Baysian tutorials are based on JASP version 0.7.5, while the classical analyses tutorials are based on version 0.8.5 and the general skills on 0.8.1. We hope to create more Bayesian tutorials in the future. For an overview of our tutorials and other helpful materials we refer to our “How to Use JASP” page.

Besides the highlighted YouTube channels, there are some channels with a few JASP tutorials. The table below provides an overview of all the JASP YouTube tutorials. Do you know other great JASP tutorials on YouTube? Or are you a JASP YouTuber yourself? Let us know!

YouTube ChannelYearJASP versionTopics
Introduction to JASP
Frequentist Analyses Bayesian AnalysesAdditional Information
Alexander Swan
0.10 – 0.10.2
Bang Anom Channel
In Malay
C Annand
2016 – 2018 –
In Traditional Chinese
Communication professor
Comprehensive Statistics Guides
2019 – 0.9.2
2018 –
David Zatz
JASP Statistics
2016 – 2018
0.7.5 – 0.8.5
Joel Frederickson
Kim Dienst
2018 – 2019
0.9.2 – 0.10
In German
Also provides videos in French
Pato Mena
In Spanish
Rene Nob
2015 –
Research By Design
0.11.1 – 0.12
Research & Publication
0.9.2 – 0.11
In Arabic
Sacha Epskamp
Social and Behavioral Sciences at Bethel Univ.
Statistics of DOOM
2016 – 2017 – 0.8
Tom Faulkenberry
Zach Basehore


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About the author

Myrthe Veenman

Myrthe Veenman is a Research Master student in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. At JASP, she is responsible for marketing and communication.