JASP is an open-source statistics program that is free, friendly, and flexible. Developed by a dedicated team of programmers and academics, JASP aims to help people around the world draw informative conclusions from their data. You can speed up the development of JASP by making a donation. Your support will allow us to add new functionality to JASP, to provide internships to talented young students, and to create a comprehensive set of educational materials. As with most open-source projects, all contributions are appreciated, no matter the amount. Thanks for considering a donation.

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    • Anonymous (€10.10)
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    • Anonymous (€10.10)
    • Anonymous (€4.07, monthly)
    • Anonymous: “Brilliant combination of classical and bayesian methods, exquisite graphical options. A wonderfully simple and powerful means for data analysis. Thank you” (€50.50)
    • Anonymous (€10.10)
    • Anonymous: “I learned a lot since I use JASP. Wonderfull to see it grow and still be free and so userfriendly and educational. Thanks.” (€10.10)
    • Anonymous: “Good software” (€1)
    • Anonymous (€50.50)
    • Anonymous (€5)
    • Brian Kalahan (€20.20)
    • Anonymous: “The spirit of the free software is even more amazing and shows the benevolence of JASP for people who do not have money to buy a reliable and professional statistics program. Thank you to all the JASP team.” (€10.10)
    • Anonymous: “Thank you!” (€50.50)
    • Arild Waeraas (€10.10)
    • Cristiano Pizzamiglio:”Thanks for this wonderful software!” (€20)
    • Jonathan Hecht, University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing (€102.01)
    • Aline Lenel: “Thank you for your wonderful program!” (€20.20)
    • Hong Zhou, Department of Radiology of the 1st affiliated hospital of University of South China: “Keep it on!” (€10.10)
    • Upke Kloppenburg: “Thank you very much for this great software! Great that the quality control module is released!” (€10.10)
    • Kevin Peters: “EJ & Team: Thank you for all of your hard work.” (€75)
    • Guido Krueger: “Thanks for this beautiful piece of software, which gives me a serious alternative to Minitab, SPSS, MATLAB, and the likes. Keep on that great work!” (€102.01)
    • Anonymous (€50.50)
    • Anonymous: “Excellent work” (€20.20)
    • Vytenis Galvenas (€5)
    • Hiren Kasekar: “Joining the JASP community today” (€10.10)
    • David Bisetto, University of Valencia: “Thank u! Very good program and easy” (€10.10)
    • Anonymous (€4, monthly)
    • Anonymous (€10.10)
    • Joshua Weidlich: “Love JASP!”  (€10.10)
    • Anonymous (€10.10)
    • Paul Block (€10.10)
    • Brian Kalahan, M.Ed: “Nice Project! See you on LinkedIn” (€20.20)
    • Anonymous (€10.10)
    • Louis-Nascan Gill (€10.10)
    • Brian O’Neill: “I’m long retired but continue to dabble with data. JASP makes this possible. It is also a great tool for learning and polishing my stats know-how. Many thanks.” (€50.50)
    • Pujawati Gondowijoyo, University of Melbourne (€10.10)
    • Gislane Melo, Universidade Católica de Brasília (€10.10)
    • Louis Irving, University of Tsukuba: “I would like to dedicate this donation to the memory of SPSS.” (€50.50)
    • Leonardo Vils (€10.10)
    • Peter Delaney, University of North Carolina at Greensboro: “JASP in North Carolina also stands for the Jane Austen Summer Program at UNC-Chapel Hill, so I bought our lab red JASP shirts on Cyber Monday. Which JASP are we repping, you ask? The evidence for one or the other is at best anecdotal….” (€50.50)
    • Su Luo (€10.10)
    • Mudahtir Bakhit, Fukushima Medical University: “Thank you for developing JASP. Statistics can be fun and an enjoyable experience now!” (€10.10)
    • Marie Stoicescu, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (€50.50)
    • Changya Hu, National Chengchi University (€10.10)
    • Alexander Bouts, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (€10.10)
    • Daniel Huete-Pérez, Universitat Rovira i Virgili: “Such a fantastic project! Thank you very much for contributing to open knowledge with this wonderful software and the different resources derived from it.” (€50.50)
    • Shelley Rank: “Thank you for this software!” (€102.01)
    • Angus Roberts, Griffith University: “Thanks for the great software, free of charge!” (€10.10)
    • Stefanie Ebert: “Thank you for this awesome software!” (€10.10)
    • Adi Afzal Ahmad, Universiti Teknologi MARA: “Keep up the good work!” (€50.50)
    • Gloria Ann Lockyer, Biwa Healer: “Love the new fresh way of patronage and donations!” (€10.10, monthly)
    • Maartje de Klerk, Koninklijke Auris Groep/ Universiteit Utrecht (€10.10, monthly)
    • Munshi Naser Afzal, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology: “Thanks a lot. Please add more Machine learning and Econometrics Features. I am from Bangladesh and want to use this wonderful software for my students. Time series, Panel econometrics models, and machine learning options will make this platform a complete one. I will try to collect more funds to donate. Please keep up the good work. I am really grateful to the entire JASP team.” (€10.10)