How to Use JASP

Your First Steps Using JASP

Getting Started

The introductory video on the left should give you a good idea of how JASP works. You can consult our Getting Started Guide for more information.

How to Use JASP

Take a look at our How to Use JASP page for in-depth explanations of the different features in JASP.

Below you can find the JASP Tutorial section with all the analyses and functions available in JASP, accompanied by explanatory media like blog posts, videos and animated GIF-files.

Click on the JASP-logo to go to a blog post, on the play-button to go to the video on Youtube, or the GIF-button to go to the animated GIF-file. We’re working hard to complete this list of tutorials. To request a tutorial for a specific analysis procedure, please send an email to and we will prioritize accordingly.

NB. For feature requests, for help installing JASP, or for bug reports: please post your issue on our GitHub page so the JASP team can assist you efficiently (for details see this blog post).


Frequentist Analyses

Blog PostVideoGIF
Binomial Test
Bland-Altman Plots
Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Contingency Tables
Descriptive Statistics
Exploratory Factor Analysis
Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Hierarchical Regression
Independent Samples T-Test
Linear Mixed Models
Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
Log-Linear Regression
Mediation Analysis
Multinomial Test and Chi-Square Test
Nonparametric tests
One Sample T-Test
Paired Samples T-Test
Principal Component Analysis
Process Analysis
Raincloud PLots
Repeated Measures ANOVA
Selection Models
Structural Equation Modeling


Bayesian Analyses

Blog PostVideoGIF
A/B Test
Bayesian Meta-Analysis
Bayesian Z-test
Binomial Test
Contingency Tables
Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Independent Samples T-Test
Linear Mixed Models
Linear Regression
Log-Linear Regression
Multinomial Test
One Sample T-Test
Paired Samples T-Test
Process Analysis
Repeated Measures ANOVA
Robust Bayesian Meta-Analysis



Blog PostVideoGIF
Acceptance Sampling
Circular Statistics
Cochrane Meta-Analyses
Equivalence T-Tests
Learn Bayes
Machine Learning
Process (Beta)
R (Beta)
Robust T-Tests
Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
Summary Stats
Survival (Beta)
Visual Modeling (Beta)
Quality Control



Blog PostVideoGIF
Compute Columns
Data & Label Editing
Exact P-Values
Syntax Mode
Keyboard Functionality
OSF support
Database sync
Test Interval-Null Hypotheses


Tips & Tricks

Below you can find a list of small features as well as tips and tricks in JASP, explained with a simple animated GIF or video. Click on the icon to get to the file.

How to…
Add a new module
Add confidence intervals for effect sizes
Arrange analyses in desired order
Change a variable type
Change the default language
Copy tables directly into your word processor
Copy tables in LaTeX format
Export results to HTML
Load a data set from the JASP Data Library
Make your plots have a transparent / white background
Resize the data view
Save plots as images
Save plots as PowerPoint file (.pptx)
Search for variables by typing the variable name
Select dark theme
Set an import threshold between categorical or scale
Tell JASP which values in your dataset are NA values
View a help file
Write annotations in the output