JASP Translators

Thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteer translators, JASP 0.15 is now available in the following languages other than English: German, Dutch, Japanese, Galician, Portuguese, Chinese (incomplete) and Spanish (incomplete). We will highlight the contribution of the translators on this page.

If you want to contribute, please read our guidelines for JASP translators. Any translation help is appreciated, whether it concerns refinement of current translations or whether it involves setting up an entire new language. We hope and expect that the translated versions of JASP will be useful to students, teachers, and practitioners.


Hu Chuan-Peng, Xinkai Du, Shun Wang

Hu Chuan-Peng is a lecturer at the School of Psychology, Nanjing Normal University. Xinkai Du was a research master student at the UvA 2019-2021 (Major: Psychological Methods; Minor: Social Psychology). Xinkai is interested in the statistical modeling of morality and attitudes. From October 2021, Xinkai will start a PhD at the University of Tübingen. Shun Wang graduated from Central South University, majoring in Sociology, and devotes continuously to the social science research methods and User Experience Research.


Dana Sleiffer, Karel Veldkamp, Natalie Ribbens, Frans Meerhoff

Dana Sleiffer is a Research Master student at University of Amsterdam and student assistant for JASP. Karel Veldkamp and Natalie Ribbens were Research Master students at University of Amsterdam. Frans Meerhoff was a software developer at JASP. Thanks to their effort, a large part of JASP is now available in Dutch!


Juan Carlos Estevez Nuñez

Juan Carlos Estevez Nuñez is a Professor at Universidade de Santiago de Compostela.


Thomas Langkamp, Johannes Keyser, Malte Lüken

After discovering JASP in 2018, Thomas Langkamp has become more and more involved. Nowadays he writes on a statistics-with-JASP-textbook, translates JASP via Weblate and uploads German JASP tutorials to his YouTube channel. The passionate teacher at medical school Hamburg switched completely to JASP for his teaching activities in 2020 and encourages all statisticians to join the JASP community. Johannes Keyser started contributing German translations in version 0.13, when their teaching team started to use JASP in their statistics classes. Since then, he contributed translations to all modules except Prophet. Johannes says that translating can be an interesting challenge because JASP offers many modern methods without well-established German terms. Thankfully, the translation team keeps growing and Weblate’s automatic suggestions minimize repetitive work and sometimes even provide involuntary humor. From his point of view as a researcher at Justus Liebig University Giessen, Johannes believes that the creation of free and open tools is important for the scientific community and fortunately, JASP proves that the process can be fun as well. Malte Lüken translated the JASP Prophet module. Malte is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Contextual Psychiatry and Mind Body Research Group at KU Leuven.


Sunu Bagaskara

Sunu Bagaskara is a lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas YARSI.


Daiki Hojo, Koji Kosugi, Yoshihiko Kunisato, Yuno Shimizu, Ko Yamamoto

Daiki Hojo is a PhD student at Tokyo University. Koji Kosugi and Yoshihiko Kunisato are professors at the Department of Psychology at Senshu University. Yuno Shimizu is an assistant professor at Hyogo University of teacher education. Ko Yamamoto is a professor at Yokohama National University. They are translating JASP into Japanese with an equivalent contribution. They are working on the translation of JASP into Japanese to improve statistical education and to promote Bayesian statistics in Japan.


André Faro, Alex França, Laura Durans

André Faro obtained his PhD in Psychology (Federal University of Bahia, UFBA, Brazil, 2008-2010) and is now a Professor of Psychology in Graduate and Undergraduate Psychology at the Federal University of Sergipe (UFS, Brazil). He is the Head of the Laboratory in Health Psychology (GEPPS/UFS). Alex França is a Brazilian Postdoctoral fellow at the Federal University of São Carlos and one of the first to start the process of translating JASP to Brazilian Portuguese. He translated most of the JASP analysis modules. Laura Durans is a Brazilian undergraduate student in Psychology. She translated most of the JASP interface and main statistic modules to Portuguese.


Carlos Contreras, Paulina Elizabeth Robalinho

Carlos Contreras is a Professor at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa. Paulina Elizabeth Robalinho is a PhD Student at Argentine University of Business (UADE).