RELEASED MAY 30th, 2017.

New features and improvements of this JASP version include EPS format
support for plots and enhancements of the Bayesian t-test. For more details see the release notes below.

Microsoft Windows

Download JASP for Microsoft Windows

Mac OS X

Download JASP for Mac OS X

Installation Notes: On OS X, please have XQuartz installed before commencing installation of JASP.

Having trouble installing JASP under Mac OS X? Take a look at our installation guide.


JASP is available for the following Linux versions

  • Ubuntu Xenial (16.04 LTS)
  • Ubuntu Wiley (15.10)
  • Arch Linux

For other verions, JASP can be built from the source. The debian folder is located in the github repository
–  https://github.com/jasp-stats/jasp-desktop/tree/development/Tools/debian

Installation Notes: Installation under Ubuntu is handled through a PPA. Instructions can be found in our installation guide.


New features:

  • EPS format support for plots (click on a plot and choose ‘Save As’ menu)
  • Bayesian t-tests (paired, one-sample, independent): Subjective t-distribution, plots and output in table, compare to best model


  • Support R3.3.3, all packages are upgraded
  • ANOVA output option: best model on top (#1593)
  • Frequentist t-test: Changed labels of reported statistics and effect sizes
  • Set right citation for analyses
  • SEM updates: Multiple models support
  • Credible intervals Bayesian correlation matrix and Bayesian correlation pairs
  • p-values for summary stats Kendall’s tau
  • Improve SPSS synchronisation
  • New welcome page


  • Fix to NA levels and minimum obs amount in t-test (#1707)
  • Summary stats – Correlation BF error in posterior plot (#1667)
  • About box on Mac does not work (#1700)
  • Change variables can crash when an analysis was deleted
  • Crash when open a JASP file after closing another one
  • Error with only within-subjects variables in an ANOVA (#1677)
  • Independent Samples T Test, Fixed Cohen’s d (#1734)

Major changes:

  • #1682: CSV Importer crashes with big files

Major changes:

  • Raw data editing by means of synchronisation with your favourite editor
  • Edit and label manipulation
  • ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet) import
  • Added Vovk-Sellke MPR functionality
  • Added McDonalds Omega on Reliability analysis
  • Further improvement error handling with showing stack trace on result screen
  • Descriptives for ANCOVA/ANOVA
  • Improvement Repeated Measurements: made plots adaptable to within analysis changes
  • Added p-values to Sumstats Module and Kendall’s tau


  • Fixed the scale argument of the credible interval
  • #1613 Psych update R-package to fix incorrect Cronbach’s alpha value
  • Fixed RM ANOVA so that factor can be changed with correct cons
  • Fixed Levene’s test for use with covariates

Minor changes:

  • #1556 Posterior distribution Pearson’s rho
  • #1548 Calculate Bayesfactor when Kendall Tau is selected as correlation coefficient (Summary Statistics)
  • #1561 Error messages
  • #1549 User prior not plotted correctly in independent t-test
  • #1530 Anova descriptive plot update
  • #1528 Infinity values treatment
  • #1517 Boxplot error

Major changes:

  • Added reliability analyses
  • Added classical exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and principal component analysis (PCA)
  • Added summary statistics module
  • Possibility to import SPSS data files (.sav)
  • Descriptive statistics: added boxplots (and extended other plotting capabilities)
  • Bayesian AN(C)OVA + Linear Regression: added advanced options (changing prior settings, manually set number of samples)
  • Classical binomial test: added confidence interval option + descriptive plots option
  • Added Kendall’s Tau coefficient to Bayesian Correlation

Minor changes:

  • Added “remove all results” option
  • Improved visibility of RM ANOVA cells (fixes #1382)
  • OSX: fixed double click crash on JASP file from desktop
  • Fixed problem where OSF did not show all projects

Minor changes:

  • Enable Export function. Added Export Data (in csv format) & Export Result (in html format). (Fixes #1296)
  • Fixes #1270 (hanging problem with many columns).
  • Bayesian contingency table: posterior log odds respond to prior concentration (Fixes#1255)
  • Lin. Reg.: Fixed missing t-values (Fixes #1248)

Major changes:

  • Open Science Framework integration
  • Possible to annotate your results
  • Added binomial test (both classical and Bayesian)
  • Added log-linear regression (both classical and Bayesian)
  • Menu redesign

Minor changes:

  • Classical t-tests: added additional statistics (Welch, Mann-Whitney U, Wilcoxon signed rank)
  • Bayesian t-tests: added descriptive plots
  • Classical AN(C)OVA: improved post-hoc tests, added Q-Q plot option
  • Classical repeated measures ANOVA: added contrasts + post-hoc tests
  • Classical linear regression: added model builder + assumption checks
  • Bayesian correlation pairs: added scatterplot