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Release notes

JASP 0.9

Released June 20th, 2018.

This version adds filtering, a data library, an option to copy the LaTeX code of tables, several non-parametric tests, and much more. For a complete list of all new features and bugfixes in JASP 0.9, see the release notes below.

Microsoft Windows

Download JASP for Microsoft Windows Download a Pre-Installed Version of JASP

Mac OS X

Download JASP for Mac OS X

Installation Notes: On OS X, please have XQuartz installed before commencing installation of JASP.

Having trouble installing JASP under Mac OS X? Take a look at our installation guide.


JASP is now available for virtually all Linux distributions through the widely available flatpak. This is most likely already installed on your distribution and otherwise can be  easily acquired through your package manager. After you have installed flatpak enter the following command into a terminal:

flatpak install http://static.jasp-stats.org/flatpak/JASP.flatpakref

It might not be automatically added to the application menu in some cases (ubuntu for instance) and there you can start JASP by running:

flatpak run org.jasp.JASP

After you have installed JASP from flatpak any new releases/updates can be installed by running:

flatpak update

Should the flatpak install fail to work for some reason you can always contact us for support or you can try to build JASP from source, see: https://github.com/jasp-stats/jasp-desktop.

Installation Notes: Installation under Ubuntu 17.10+ can also be handled through a PPA. Instructions can be found in our installation guide.



New features and improvements:

  • Filtering: use either R code or a drag-and-drop GUI to select cases of interest (an in-depth explanation on filtering in JASP will be posted soon)
  • The JASP data library: an initial collection of over 50 data sets, including the examples from two popular stats textbooks
  • Exporting tables from JASP in LaTeX format
  • Non-parametric tests:
    • Friedman and Durbin tests / nonparametric (classical RM ANOVA)
    • Kruskal-Wallis / nonparametric (classical ANOVA)
    • Connover’s nonparametric post hoc test (classical RM ANOVA)
    • Dunn’s nonparametric post hoc test (classical ANOVA)
    • Mann-Whitney / Wilcoxon rank sum test (Bayesian independent samples T-Test)
  • Resizing tables and plots with ctrl+/ctrl-/ctrl=
  • R engine updated from 3.3.3 to 3.4.4
  • SEM module upgraded
  • Improved Bayesian linear regression
  • Improved contrasts for RM ANOVA
  • Hand pointer to scroll through the data viewer
  • Open file via welcome screen
  • Improvement of placement tags of outliers
  • Graphs in network analysis displays in colourblind mode by default


  • Fix issue: #2381 One Sample T-Test: Possible error in the estimation of the 95% CI for Mean Difference
  • Fix issue: #2074 Linear regression bugs
  • Fix issue: #2438 Bayesian descriptive plot for RM ANOVA does not work
  • Fix issue: #2346 SumStats module Bayesian Regression does not have addInfo for robustness check
  • Fix issue: #2400, #2425 Bayesian linear regression error when adding interaction
  • Fix issue: #2467 Add standardized alpha for reliability analysis
  • Fix issue: #2074 Linear regression bugs
  • Fix issue: #2497 Fix Meta-analysis
  • Fix issue: #2541, #1929 Bayesian correlation “terminates unexpectedly”

New features:

  • A revamped Bayesian linear regression thanks to the BAS package
  • Multinomial analysis
  • Install JASP on most Linux distributions more easily due to Flatpak support
  • Plots now update directly when resizing them
  • A tooltip for variables so that long names can be still read
  • Z-test
  • Simple main effects for repeated measures ANOVA
  • High DPI support on Windows, improving display resolution


  • Unable to plot network graph when non-ascii character in filename #2252
  • Repeated-measures ANOVA error with high(ish) number of cells (complex numbers or unequal size arrays) #2241
  • Re-enable SEM on Linux #2267
  • Beter guess of the delimiter when loading a CSV file #2259
  • Issue with EFA explanatory parallel oblimin Factoranalysis #2249
  • Small changes in the UI for Linear Regression and Factor analyses #2291
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! #2286
  • If SEM analysis jasp file is opened, the model specified is not shown in the text area #2297


  • Network module: new clustering table/plot
  • ANOVA : simple effects
  • ANOVA : fix for repeated contrast
  • Logistic regression: changes to stepwise regression.
  • Logistic regression : AIC fior variable selection & removal p-values


  • Independent sample Bayesian t-test #2196
  • Wrong valid percent in frequency table #2202
  • Improve ODS Importer #2167

New features:

  • Added meta analysis
  • Added network analysis
  • Improved the module layout
  • Added stepwise methods to logistic regression
  • Added effect size measures to post-hoc analyses in ANOVA / ANCOVA
  • Improved backwards compatibility for Linux users with older R versions


  • Fixed situation where JASPEngine process would linger after closing JASP
  • Better handling of utf8 characters ((#1695), (#1704) and (#1719)
  • Fixed confidence intervals cohens d (t-test)
  • Fixed bug where prior posterior plot could not be made (Hotfix)

  • Hotfix p-value chi-square Logistic Regression (#2054)


New features:

  • Added logistic regression
  • Added hierarchical regression
  • Added ability to add/change missing values
  • Added progress bar to Bayesian ANOVA’s and regression
  • Added preference option to change the number of decimals that are displayed
  • Reworked the layout of the Preferences window
  • Added option to toggle frequentist correlation table to pairwise display
  • Added ability to change y-axis in RM ANOVA descriptives plots
  • Added effect sizes to post-hoc tests ANOVA
  • Added confidence intervals to rank correlations
  • Changed display of Bayesian and frequentist correlations to below diagonal
  • Removed autofilling of options when another instance of an analysis is started


  • Fixed analysis crash when RM and between factors name match (#1906)
  • Fixed bug where JASP crashes if you load data between running analyses
  • Fixed issue where files from old JASP versions cause problems in newer versions
  • Fixed bug where About window would go behind main window
  • Fixed analysis crash when vovk-sellke was selected in correlations (#1959)
  • Fixed issue with importing of PSPP files (#1966)
  • Fixed issue where RM factor is reset when the analysis options are refreshed (#1921)
  • Changed base of logarithm to e in Bayesian correlation matrix (#1981)
  • Fixed vanishing of footnotes in Bayesian correlation matrix
  • Fixed plot for logBF robustness in correlation pairs

New features:

  • Added split-by functionality to descriptives.
  • Show exact p-values.
  • Pdf and tiff support for images.
  • Added Summary Bayesian t-test subjective prior.
  • Added confidence intervals for effect sizes in t-tests.
  • Added an inclusion analysis to Bayesian ANOVA.
  • Added a post-hoc analysis to Bayesian ANOVA.
  • Added confidence interval to Cronbach’s alpha.


  • Not showing any results on Mac (#1831).
  • Confidence intervals clarified.
  • Fixed tab order (#1817).
  • Fixed factor scaling option in SEM module (#1857).
  • Allow for multiple contingency tables (#1878).

New features:

  • EPS format support for plots (click on a plot and choose ‘Save As’ menu)
  • Bayesian t-tests (paired, one-sample, independent): Subjective t-distribution, plots and output in table, compare to best model


  • Support R3.3.3, all packages are upgraded
  • ANOVA output option: best model on top (#1593)
  • Frequentist t-test: Changed labels of reported statistics and effect sizes
  • Set right citation for analyses
  • SEM updates: Multiple models support
  • Credible intervals Bayesian correlation matrix and Bayesian correlation pairs
  • p-values for summary stats Kendall’s tau
  • Improve SPSS synchronisation
  • New welcome page


  • Fix to NA levels and minimum obs amount in t-test (#1707)
  • Summary stats – Correlation BF error in posterior plot (#1667)
  • About box on Mac does not work (#1700)
  • Change variables can crash when an analysis was deleted
  • Crash when open a JASP file after closing another one
  • Error with only within-subjects variables in an ANOVA (#1677)
  • Independent Samples T Test, Fixed Cohen’s d (#1734)

Major changes:

  • #1682: CSV Importer crashes with big files

Major changes:

  • Raw data editing by means of synchronisation with your favourite editor
  • Edit and label manipulation
  • ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet) import
  • Added Vovk-Sellke MPR functionality
  • Added McDonalds Omega on Reliability analysis
  • Further improvement error handling with showing stack trace on result screen
  • Descriptives for ANCOVA/ANOVA
  • Improvement Repeated Measurements: made plots adaptable to within analysis changes
  • Added p-values to Sumstats Module and Kendall’s tau


  • Fixed the scale argument of the credible interval
  • #1613 Psych update R-package to fix incorrect Cronbach’s alpha value
  • Fixed RM ANOVA so that factor can be changed with correct cons
  • Fixed Levene’s test for use with covariates

Minor changes:

  • #1556 Posterior distribution Pearson’s rho
  • #1548 Calculate Bayesfactor when Kendall Tau is selected as correlation coefficient (Summary Statistics)
  • #1561 Error messages
  • #1549 User prior not plotted correctly in independent t-test
  • #1530 Anova descriptive plot update
  • #1528 Infinity values treatment
  • #1517 Boxplot error

Major changes:

  • Added reliability analyses
  • Added classical exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and principal component analysis (PCA)
  • Added summary statistics module
  • Possibility to import SPSS data files (.sav)
  • Descriptive statistics: added boxplots (and extended other plotting capabilities)
  • Bayesian AN(C)OVA + Linear Regression: added advanced options (changing prior settings, manually set number of samples)
  • Classical binomial test: added confidence interval option + descriptive plots option
  • Added Kendall’s Tau coefficient to Bayesian Correlation

Minor changes:

  • Added “remove all results” option
  • Improved visibility of RM ANOVA cells (fixes #1382)
  • OSX: fixed double click crash on JASP file from desktop
  • Fixed problem where OSF did not show all projects

Minor changes:

  • Enable Export function. Added Export Data (in csv format) & Export Result (in html format). (Fixes #1296)
  • Fixes #1270 (hanging problem with many columns).
  • Bayesian contingency table: posterior log odds respond to prior concentration (Fixes#1255)
  • Lin. Reg.: Fixed missing t-values (Fixes #1248)

Major changes:

  • Open Science Framework integration
  • Possible to annotate your results
  • Added binomial test (both classical and Bayesian)
  • Added log-linear regression (both classical and Bayesian)
  • Menu redesign

Minor changes:

  • Classical t-tests: added additional statistics (Welch, Mann-Whitney U, Wilcoxon signed rank)
  • Bayesian t-tests: added descriptive plots
  • Classical AN(C)OVA: improved post-hoc tests, added Q-Q plot option
  • Classical repeated measures ANOVA: added contrasts + post-hoc tests
  • Classical linear regression: added model builder + assumption checks
  • Bayesian correlation pairs: added scatterplot