The Data Library

JASP comes with a data library of over 50 data sets to illustrate various kinds of analyses. All data sets are accompanied by a .jasp-file that describes the data set and the associated analysis in detail, which makes the JASP Data Library a great tool for teaching. Watch how to access the JASP Data Library (GIF).
A book that documents the data sets and provides example analyses can be freely accessed here. Teachers and researchers who wish to use the JASP Data Documentation Format can find a LaTeX template here.

The JASP Website

Students new to JASP and/or statistics in general will find guidance on the Getting Started and How to Use JASP pages on our website, where the basic functionality of JASP as well as many of the analyses are explained in detail.

Teaching Material on the OSF

The OSF folder ‘Undergraduate Statistics with JASP’ by Erin Buchanan and colleagues contains a lot of useful material that teachers can use for teaching statistics with JASP.

JASP Workshop Materials

The JASP team has organized many workshops to teach a broader audience about (Bayesian) statistics with JASP. The workshop materials are listed on the JASP Workshop Materials page. The OSF folder ‘Generic JASP Workshop’ contains various workshop materials that have been used in different workshops.

JASP Manuals

There exist various manuals on how to use JASP for statistical inference. Bayesian Inference in JASP: A Guide for Students is a 120-page long, in-depth guide on how to perform various forms Bayesian analyses in JASP (data sets).
Statistical Analysis in JASP. A Guide for Students by Mark Goss-Sampson (PDF) is a 172-page long, in-depth guide on how to perform various forms of frequentist analyses in JASP
(data sets). Teachers are free to use the guides and share it with their students. For older versions and other JASP manuals, see JASP Materials.
Quantitative Analysis with JASP open-source software is a manual by Chris Halter that provides an introduction to quantitative analysis and is available through Amazon.

JASP Textbook

Learning Statistics with JASP: A Tutorial for Psychology Students and Other Beginners is a free textbook by Danielle J. Navarro, David R. Foxcroft, and Thomas J. Faulkenberry that covers the basics of statistical inference with JASP.

Other JASP Materials

For more JASP-related material (e.g., other online resources, papers, or books about JASP), you can head over to JASP Materials. This blogpost provides an overview of JASP video tutorials available on YouTube, including videos in Traditional Chinese, Malay, German, Spanish, French, and Arabic.