Eric-Jan Wagenmakers

CEO. Founder and executive director.

Bruno Boutin

Lead software developer. Responsible for the core development of JASP.

Frans Meerhoff

Software developer. Responsible for the core development of JASP.

Akash Raj

Software developer. Responsible for the implementation of UI elements. Implemented the Summary Stats module.

Alexander Ly

CTO. Responsible for guiding JASP’s scientific and technological strategy and developer of some Bayesian tests.

Quentin Gronau

Analyst. Responsible for the t-tests and the binomial test. Implemented the figures for the Bayesian analyses.

Alexandra Sarafoglou

Analyst. Responsible for the video tutorials, YouTube channel, and the BayesianSpectacles blog.

Tim de Jong

Software developer. Responsible for improving the R analyses and enriching the Bayesian ANOVA and t-tests.

Maarten Marsman

Analyst. Responsible for the Bayesian linear models (e.g., ANOVA and regression).

Don van den Bergh

Analyst. Responsible for the frequentist and Bayesian reliability analysis, the machine learning module, and the network module.

Johnny van Doorn

Analyst. Responsible for Bayesian nonparametric analyses.

Dora Matzke

Responsible for developing and maintaining the help functionality and the JASP documentation.

Sacha Epskamp

Analyst. Responsible for factor analysis and the SEM module.

Alexander Etz

Responsible for the video tutorials.

Erik-Jan van Kesteren

Software developer. Responsible for adding plots, functions, and UI elements, and interfacing R and C++.

Raoul Grasman

Data scientist and code contributor. Responsible for improving code and developing new modules.

Herbert Hoijtink

Contributing to the Informative Hypotheses module.

Joris Mulder

Contributing to the Informative Hypotheses module.

Xin Gu

Contributing to the Informative Hypotheses module.

Richard Morey

Author and maintainer of the BayesFactor package.

Jasper Naberman

Tester: Responsible for preparing test files and writing the scripts for the video tutorials.

Tim Draws

Marketing and communcation manager. Responsible for marketing strategy, website, blog, and the YouTube channel.

Koen Derks

Contributing to the Machine Learning module, and the Bayesian Informative Hypothesis Testing module.