The Team


Eric-Jan Wagenmakers

Founder and Executive Director


Bruno Boutin

Lead Software Developer


Frans Meerhoff

I am responsible for the core development of JASP and the delivery of new JASP releases.


Patrick Knight

Software Developer


Akash Raj

Akash is a JASP wizard who has contributed to many aspects of JASP. Akash has implemented the Summary Stats module and is currently implementing several others.



Quentin Gronau

I have worked on the Bayesian plots and I am currently responsible for the t-tests and the binomial test.

Alexandra Sarafoglou

I am responsible for our website, the YouTube channel, and the Bayesian blog.

Tim de Jong

My contribution consists of enriching the Bayesian ANOVA and t-tests. I also explore ways to improve and simplify the R analyses.

Don van den Bergh

Currently I manage the Reliability Analysis. In addition, I will implement Bayesian analogues of frequentist reliability measures.


Maarten Marsman

I am responsible for Bayesian linear models (e.g., ANOVA, regression). My primary interest is in Bayesian statistical methods and psychometrics.

Alexander Ly

I am responsible for the scientific and technological strategy of JASP. This includes leading and training a group of talented software designers and engineers. I also develop new Bayesian tests for JASP.
If you’re interested in contributing to JASP please send me an email.

Johnny van Doorn

My contribution consists of adding Bayesian nonparametric analyses to JASP.

Dora Matzke

I am responsible for developing and maintaining the help functionality and the JASP documentation.


Sacha Epskamp

Adding factor analysis and SEM to JASP

Sacha Epskamp

Helen Steingröver

Consultant and developer for JASP Professional Services.
My main task is to add a JASP module for machine learning, organize customized on-site workshops, and establish collaborations with companies involved in data analyses.

Sacha Epskamp

Alexander Etz

Creating JASP video tutorials


Erik-Jan van Kesteren

Besides adding plots, functions, and UI elements to JASP, I work with the programmers on the interface of R and C++.

Erik-Jan van Kesteren

Herbert Hoijtink

Creating a JASP module for Testing Informative Hypotheses


Joris Mulder

Creating a JASP module for Testing Informative Hypotheses


Xin Gu

Creating a JASP module for Testing Informative Hypotheses


Richard D. Morey

BayesFactor package author and maintainer

Jasper Naberman

My contribution consists of preparing test files and testing the limits of JASP.

Alex Alvarez Perez

My contribution consists of helping in the process of making JASP compatible with the currently used educational method for statistics at the University of Amsterdam.

Jason Nak

My function at JASP is to help make JASP more compatible with the current educational system at the UvA.

Tim Draws

My contribution consists of marketing and making videos voor JASP.

Former Contributors

Tahira Jamil

Adding Bayesian analyses to JASP


Ravi Selker

Adding analyses to JASP

Jonathon Love

Lead Developer
Lead UI Designer

Damian Dropmann

Software Developer


Josine Verhagen

Adding Bayesian analyses to JASP

Martin Smira

Adding analyses to JASP