Don van den Bergh

R developer / Analyst. Responsible for the frequentist and Bayesian reliability analysis, the machine learning module, and the network module. Also part of the workshop organization team.

Johnny van Doorn

Analyst / Educator. Responsible for the frequentist ANOVA and Bayesian nonparametric analyses.

Sophie Berkhout

Responsible for the Bayesian meta-analysis.

Alexander Ly

Responsible for JASP’s strategy and developer of some Bayesian tests.

Julius Pfadt

Responsible for the reliability module.

Quentin Gronau

Analyst. Responsible for the t-tests and the binomial test. Implemented the figures for the Bayesian analyses.

Joris Mulder

Contributing to the Informative Hypotheses module.

Xin Gu

Contributing to the Informative Hypotheses module.

Richard Morey

Author and maintainer of the BayesFactor package.