Release Notes

New Features and improvements:

  • Add option to check last digits in Benford’s Law

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes in Reliability (jasp-issues #870 #855 #853 #841)
  • Fixing BGLMM beta distribution
  • Fixed some problems for Windows users with non-ascii characters in their username (jasp-issues #835 #830)
  • Crashes on Mac’s with Intel Iris have been fixed and hardware rendering on Mac has been turned back on by default.
  • Save as PPTX now also works Mac. (jasp-issue #972)
  • Changing type of column while ANOVA, ANCOVA, CFA is active leads to crash (jasp-issues #839 #988)
  • Flexplot’s added variable plots are not showing up (jasp-issue #854)
  • Mixed Models – dependent variable checks cannot deal with NAs (jasp-issue #867)

New Features and improvements:

  • Engine improvements
  • The new analyses rely on several R packages. We are grateful to the package developers and list the newly added/updated packages below. All R packages used in JASP can be found here
  • New modules and analyses:
    • Mixed Models (both Bayesian and classical)
      • Linear mixed models
      • Generalized linear mixed models
    • Reliability module (both Bayesian and classical)
      • Single-Test Reliability Analysis
    • R-console (beta)
    • Bayesian A/B test for the Summary Stats module
    • New analyses for the Audit module
      • Selection
      • Evaluation
      • Bayesian Evaluation
  • Analyses improvements
    • ANOVA
      • Contrasts for interaction effects, including custom contrasts (jasp-issue #782)
    • Network analysis module
  • Saving plots as powerpoint files

Bug fixes:

New R-packages:

Bug Fixes:

  • Cannot specify parameter names in Observed Values in JAGS
  • repeated measures ANOVA bugs (issue #691)
  • 0.12.1 crashes In repeated measures ANOVA (issue #683)
  • Update Data Library JASP files

Bug Fixes:

  • Bayesian Linear regression Bug (issue #677)
  • Variables List becomes smaller when language is changed

New Features and improvements:

  • Update R to version 3.6.1
  • R rewrites
  • Support for TSV-files (credits to Lars Willighagen)
  • New user settings
    • Dark Theme option
    • Ability to select a language
      • Dutch
      • English
    • Search for variables by typing the variable name
  • New interface options
    • Output annotation/note editing
    • Search option in the help files
  • New modules and analyses
    • Bayesian meta-analysis
    • JAGS module
    • Discover distributions module
    • Visual modeling module (beta)
    • Equivalence testing module (beta)
  • Analyses improvements
    • Additional options for descriptive statistics
      • Scatter plot
      • Pie chart
      • Possibility to choose color palette for plots
    • Set seed option for Bayesian t-tests, Bayesian ANOVA’s, Bayesian linear regression, Bayesian Correlation, Bayesian A/B Test, Bayesian Contingency Tables, and Bayesian log-linear regression
    • Extensions of the ANOVA
      • Custom contrast
      • Option to flag significant comparisons
    • Bayesian correlation matrix and Bayesian correlation pairs merged into Bayesian correlation, with the following new features:
      • Option to display sample size
      • Option to display pairwise table/plot
      • Option to specify credible intervals
      • Plots
        • Additional info for sequential analysis
        • Separated testing and estimation info in prior posterior plot
    • Additional options for the correlation matrix
      • Heatmap
      • Pairwise table/ plot
      • Option to display the sample size
      • Assumption checks
      • Possibility to specify how to treat missing values
    • Bayes factor robustness check for the Bayesian a/b test
    • Extensions of the Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
      • Additional orthogonal and oblique rotation options
      • Possibility to choose between correlation and covariance matrix
      • Components characteristics table
    • Additional options for the Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA)
      • Structure matrix table
      • Possibility to choose estimation method
      • Additional orthogonal and oblique rotation options
      • Factor characteristics table
      • Assumption checks
        • KMO test
        • Barlett’s test
    • Improvements to the Network module
    • Added Fisher’s exact test to Contingency tables
    • Extensions of the Bayesian Correlation in the summary statistics module
      • Credible intervals
      • Testing information for prior and posterior plots
    • Improvement of the Bain module
      • Now runs on bain package from CRAN
      • Added adjustable credible interval option
    • Additional features for the Machine Learning module
      • Intercept added to the LDA coefficients table
      • Cluster analyses
        • New cluster means table
        • Added cluster density plots
        • New cluster means plot (dot and bar) with 95% confidence intervals
    • Improvement of the Audit module
      • Now runs on jfa package from CRAN
      • Option to add badges to the report, easily indicating outcome of the analysis
      • New analysis: Benfords law (classical) with jasp file “sinoForest”
      • Greyed out the seed in fixed interval sampling
      • Planning stage
        • Prior and expected posterior descriptives table for the planning stage
        • Options for custom inherent risk and control risk
        • Added the gamma distribution as a possible prior
        • Expected evidence ratio
        • Options to shade either the support region under the prior and posterior distribution, or the x% credible region
      • Evaluation stage
        • Prior and posterior descriptives
        • Options to shade either the support region under the prior and posterior distribution, or the x% credible region

Bug fixes:

Bug fixes: 

  • Some analyses (Descriptives, Bayesian T-Test) do not work on Windows if the user account name has non-latin characters (jasp-issues #501 #505)
  • AUDIT analyses hangs when adding computed columns
  • Machine Learning Regression: non numeric column leads to error

New Features and improvements: 

  • Machine Learning module
    • Regression analyses 
      • Boosting Regression 
      • K-Nearest Neighbors Regression 
      • Random Forest Regression 
      • Regularized Linear Regression 
    • Classification analyses 
      • Boosting Classification 
      • K-Nearest Neighbors Classification 
      • Linear Discriminant Classification 
      • Random Forest Classification 
    • Clustering analyses 
      • Density-Based Clustering 
      • Fuzzy C-Means Clustering 
      • Hierarchical Clustering
      • K-Means Clustering 
      • Random Forest Clustering 
  • MAD and MAD robust for Descriptives
  • Additional option to copy analyses 
  • Updated the data library
  • Updated support for SPSS files
  • Added support for STATA/SAS files

Bug fixes: 

Bug fix: 

  • Summary Stats and Planning crash in absence of data fixed

New Features and improvements: 

  • AUDIT module 
  • Mediation analysis
  • Post-hoc test for between*within interactions in mixed ANOVA 
  • Q-Q plot in descriptives 
  • Fixes for the Bain module 
  • Effect sizes for independent t-test 
  • Added documentation to the Bayesian A/B test 
  • Order analyses by Drag & Drop 
  • Sort option in OSF menu to order files on name and date 
  • Alphabetic ordering of variables 

Bug fixes: 

New Features and Improvements:

  • New interface
    • Panel redesign
      • Data panel, analysis input panel and results panel can be manipulated much more intuitively with sliders and show/hide buttons
      • All analyses input forms have been rewritten and made more consistent
      • Changed the analysis input panel to have an overview of all opened analyses and added the possibility to change titles, to show documentation, and remove analyses
    • Improvement of the ribbon bar
    • Enhanced the navigation through the file menu; it is now possible to use keys and hovering
    • Added possibility to scale the entire application with Ctrl +, Ctrl – and Ctrl 0
  • New analyses
    • MANOVA
    • Confirmatory Factor Analysis
    • Bayesian Multinomial Test
    • Bayesian A/B Test (beta)
    • Bain (module; beta)
  • New user settings
    • Ability to let JASP log its workflow and save it to a file (useful for bug reporting)
    • An option to let JASP remember your used modules in subsequent sessions
    • An import threshold that specifies how integer columns should be read (categorical or scale)
    • Early developer mode that allows dynamic modules to be added (beta)
  • Improvements
    • Added/updated help files for most analyses
    • R engine updated from 3.4.4 to 3.5.2
    • Added Šidák correction for post-hoc tests (AN(C)OVA)
    • Added bootstrapping for post-hoc tests (AN(C)OVA)
    • Added bootstrapping for marginal means (AN(C)OVA)
    • Ability to plot a covariate on the horizontal axis (ANCOVA)
    • Added post-hoc tests for interactions (RM ANOVA)
    • Added marginal means (RM ANOVA)
    • Added bootstrapping for marginal means (RM ANOVA)
    • Added confidence intervals for post-hoc tests (RM ANOVA)
    • More complete Sphericity tests (Chi-squared and df; RM ANOVA)
    • Added generalized eta squared effect size (RM ANOVA)
    • Added Cox & Snell R-squared (Logistic regression)
    • Added Wald test for coefficients (Logistic regression)
    • Added casewise diagnostics (Logistic regression)
    • Added bootstrapping for coefficients (Logistic regression)
    • Added R-squared for observed variables (SEM)
    • Added Shapiro-Wilks test (Descriptives)
    • Added median absolute deviation (Descriptives)
    • Added interquartile range (Descriptives)
    • Enhanced stability of Bayesian Mann-Whitney U test (Bayesian t-test)
    • Included table and plot for single model and model averaged posterior distributions (Bayesian ANOVA’s)
    • Added single model and model averaged QQ plots (Bayesian ANOVA’s)

Bug fixes:

New Features and Improvements:

              • Export to csv (works with computed columns)
              • WIX installer for Windows (enables you to choose a path for the installation of JASP)
              • Added extra transformations to compute column
              • Adapted behaviour of ifElse and replaceNA to work on the labels
              • User interface scaling
              • Default white background for plots, but you can choose transparent as well
              • Modern JASP logo has replaced the old software icon
              • Made replaceNA applicable for all types
              • Increase size of data viewer in options
              • Left columns with variable names abbreviated [compute column and filter]


              • Drop levels of factors by default after applying a filter
              • Increased startup-speed for Windows

Bug fixes:

New features and improvements:

Bugs Solved:

              • Fix issue: #2641 JASP 0.9 does not recognize special characters on Mac and Windows
              • Request: #2657 Small fix in LogReg Tjur R²
              • Request: #2638 LaTeX and Apply Filter

New features and improvements:

              • Filtering: use either R code or a drag-and-drop GUI to select cases of interest (an in-depth explanation on filtering in JASP will be posted soon)
              • The JASP data library: an initial collection of over 50 data sets, including the examples from two popular stats textbooks
              • Exporting tables from JASP in LaTeX format
              • Non-parametric tests:
                • Friedman and Durbin tests / nonparametric (classical RM ANOVA)
                • Kruskal-Wallis / nonparametric (classical ANOVA)
                • Connover’s nonparametric post hoc test (classical RM ANOVA)
                • Dunn’s nonparametric post hoc test (classical ANOVA)
                • Mann-Whitney / Wilcoxon rank sum test (Bayesian independent samples T-Test)
              • Resizing tables and plots with ctrl+/ctrl-/ctrl=
              • R engine updated from 3.3.3 to 3.4.4
              • SEM module upgraded
              • Improved Bayesian linear regression
              • Improved contrasts for RM ANOVA
              • Hand pointer to scroll through the data viewer
              • Open file via welcome screen
              • Improvement of placement tags of outliers
              • Graphs in network analysis displays in colourblind mode by default


              • Fix issue: #2381 One Sample T-Test: Possible error in the estimation of the 95% CI for Mean Difference
              • Fix issue: #2074 Linear regression bugs
              • Fix issue: #2438 Bayesian descriptive plot for RM ANOVA does not work
              • Fix issue: #2346 SumStats module Bayesian Regression does not have addInfo for robustness check
              • Fix issue: #2400, #2425 Bayesian linear regression error when adding interaction
              • Fix issue: #2467 Add standardized alpha for reliability analysis
              • Fix issue: #2074 Linear regression bugs
              • Fix issue: #2497 Fix Meta-analysis
              • Fix issue: #2541, #1929 Bayesian correlation “terminates unexpectedly”

New features:

              • A revamped Bayesian linear regression thanks to the BAS package
              • Multinomial analysis
              • Install JASP on most Linux distributions more easily due to Flatpak support
              • Plots now update directly when resizing them
              • A tooltip for variables so that long names can be still read
              • Z-test
              • Simple main effects for repeated measures ANOVA
              • High DPI support on Windows, improving display resolution


              • Unable to plot network graph when non-ascii character in filename #2252
              • Repeated-measures ANOVA error with high(ish) number of cells (complex numbers or unequal size arrays) #2241
              • Re-enable SEM on Linux #2267
              • Beter guess of the delimiter when loading a CSV file #2259
              • Issue with EFA explanatory parallel oblimin Factoranalysis #2249
              • Small changes in the UI for Linear Regression and Factor analyses #2291
              • Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! #2286
              • If SEM analysis jasp file is opened, the model specified is not shown in the text area #2297


              • Network module: new clustering table/plot
              • ANOVA : simple effects
              • ANOVA : fix for repeated contrast
              • Logistic regression: changes to stepwise regression.
              • Logistic regression : AIC fior variable selection & removal p-values


              • Independent sample Bayesian t-test #2196
              • Wrong valid percent in frequency table #2202
              • Improve ODS Importer #2167

New features:

              • Added meta analysis
              • Added network analysis
              • Improved the module layout
              • Added stepwise methods to logistic regression
              • Added effect size measures to post-hoc analyses in ANOVA / ANCOVA
              • Improved backwards compatibility for Linux users with older R versions


              • Fixed situation where JASPEngine process would linger after closing JASP
              • Better handling of utf8 characters ((#1695), (#1704) and (#1719)
              • Fixed confidence intervals cohens d (t-test)
              • Fixed bug where prior posterior plot could not be made (Hotfix)

              • Hotfix p-value chi-square Logistic Regression (#2054)


New features:

              • Added logistic regression
              • Added hierarchical regression
              • Added ability to add/change missing values
              • Added progress bar to Bayesian ANOVA’s and regression
              • Added preference option to change the number of decimals that are displayed
              • Reworked the layout of the Preferences window
              • Added option to toggle frequentist correlation table to pairwise display
              • Added ability to change y-axis in RM ANOVA descriptives plots
              • Added effect sizes to post-hoc tests ANOVA
              • Added confidence intervals to rank correlations
              • Changed display of Bayesian and frequentist correlations to below diagonal
              • Removed autofilling of options when another instance of an analysis is started


              • Fixed analysis crash when RM and between factors name match (#1906)
              • Fixed bug where JASP crashes if you load data between running analyses
              • Fixed issue where files from old JASP versions cause problems in newer versions
              • Fixed bug where About window would go behind main window
              • Fixed analysis crash when vovk-sellke was selected in correlations (#1959)
              • Fixed issue with importing of PSPP files (#1966)
              • Fixed issue where RM factor is reset when the analysis options are refreshed (#1921)
              • Changed base of logarithm to e in Bayesian correlation matrix (#1981)
              • Fixed vanishing of footnotes in Bayesian correlation matrix
              • Fixed plot for logBF robustness in correlation pairs

New features:

              • Added split-by functionality to descriptives.
              • Show exact p-values.
              • Pdf and tiff support for images.
              • Added Summary Bayesian t-test subjective prior.
              • Added confidence intervals for effect sizes in t-tests.
              • Added an inclusion analysis to Bayesian ANOVA.
              • Added a post-hoc analysis to Bayesian ANOVA.
              • Added confidence interval to Cronbach’s alpha.


              • Not showing any results on Mac (#1831).
              • Confidence intervals clarified.
              • Fixed tab order (#1817).
              • Fixed factor scaling option in SEM module (#1857).
              • Allow for multiple contingency tables (#1878).

New features:

              • EPS format support for plots (click on a plot and choose ‘Save As’ menu)
              • Bayesian t-tests (paired, one-sample, independent): Subjective t-distribution, plots and output in table, compare to best model


              • Support R3.3.3, all packages are upgraded
              • ANOVA output option: best model on top (#1593)
              • Frequentist t-test: Changed labels of reported statistics and effect sizes
              • Set right citation for analyses
              • SEM updates: Multiple models support
              • Credible intervals Bayesian correlation matrix and Bayesian correlation pairs
              • p-values for summary stats Kendall’s tau
              • Improve SPSS synchronisation
              • New welcome page


              • Fix to NA levels and minimum obs amount in t-test (#1707)
              • Summary stats – Correlation BF error in posterior plot (#1667)
              • About box on Mac does not work (#1700)
              • Change variables can crash when an analysis was deleted
              • Crash when open a JASP file after closing another one
              • Error with only within-subjects variables in an ANOVA (#1677)
              • Independent Samples T Test, Fixed Cohen’s d (#1734)

Major changes:

              • #1682: CSV Importer crashes with big files

Major changes:

              • Raw data editing by means of synchronisation with your favourite editor
              • Edit and label manipulation
              • ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet) import
              • Added Vovk-Sellke MPR functionality
              • Added McDonalds Omega on Reliability analysis
              • Further improvement error handling with showing stack trace on result screen
              • Descriptives for ANCOVA/ANOVA
              • Improvement Repeated Measurements: made plots adaptable to within analysis changes
              • Added p-values to Sumstats Module and Kendall’s tau


              • Fixed the scale argument of the credible interval
              • #1613 Psych update R-package to fix incorrect Cronbach’s alpha value
              • Fixed RM ANOVA so that factor can be changed with correct cons
              • Fixed Levene’s test for use with covariates

Minor changes:

              • #1556 Posterior distribution Pearson’s rho
              • #1548 Calculate Bayesfactor when Kendall Tau is selected as correlation coefficient (Summary Statistics)
              • #1561 Error messages
              • #1549 User prior not plotted correctly in independent t-test
              • #1530 Anova descriptive plot update
              • #1528 Infinity values treatment
              • #1517 Boxplot error

Major changes:

              • Added reliability analyses
              • Added classical exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and principal component analysis (PCA)
              • Added summary statistics module
              • Possibility to import SPSS data files (.sav)
              • Descriptive statistics: added boxplots (and extended other plotting capabilities)
              • Bayesian AN(C)OVA + Linear Regression: added advanced options (changing prior settings, manually set number of samples)
              • Classical binomial test: added confidence interval option + descriptive plots option
              • Added Kendall’s Tau coefficient to Bayesian Correlation

Minor changes:

              • Added “remove all results” option
              • Improved visibility of RM ANOVA cells (fixes #1382)
              • OSX: fixed double click crash on JASP file from desktop
              • Fixed problem where OSF did not show all projects

Minor changes:

              • Enable Export function. Added Export Data (in csv format) & Export Result (in html format). (Fixes #1296)
              • Fixes #1270 (hanging problem with many columns).
              • Bayesian contingency table: posterior log odds respond to prior concentration (Fixes#1255)
              • Lin. Reg.: Fixed missing t-values (Fixes #1248)

Major changes:

              • Open Science Framework integration
              • Possible to annotate your results
              • Added binomial test (both classical and Bayesian)
              • Added log-linear regression (both classical and Bayesian)
              • Menu redesign

Minor changes:

        • Classical t-tests: added additional statistics (Welch, Mann-Whitney U, Wilcoxon signed rank)
        • Bayesian t-tests: added descriptive plots
        • Classical AN(C)OVA: improved post-hoc tests, added Q-Q plot option
        • Classical repeated measures ANOVA: added contrasts + post-hoc tests
        • Classical linear regression: added model builder + assumption checks
        • Bayesian correlation pairs: added scatterplot