Release Notes

0.18.3 (January 12th 2024)

Bug fixes

  • Some older JASP files did not open correctly in 0.18.2 (2517)
  • Filter errors and improve clarity (2515)
  • Incorrect handling of decimal separators in CSVs (2518)
  • Audit Sampling workflow getting stuck (2503)
  • Problem with Windows Zip version (2502)
  • Update flexplot (2494)

0.18.2 (January 2nd 2024)

New Features and Improvements

  • New module:
    • Survival (Beta)
    • Process (Beta)
  • Data Editing:
    • Redesign the Variable setting window
    • Possibility to switch computed columns to not computed and vice-versa
    • Add empty values settings per variable
    • Make JASP readable on small screen
    • Copy/Paste with headers work between JASP and other spreadsheet editor
    • Undo/Redo shortcut available everywhere on data editing mode
  • Results:
    • Add video support in annotation (5293)
  • Computed columns:
    • Add possibility to use row-wise functions like rowMean, rowMeanNaRm, rowSum, rowSD, etc… (516)
  • Windows Installation:
  • Factor/CFA:
    • Option to fix intercepts to zero in mean structure (2223)
    • Add structural invariance and mean structure identification options (2378, 193)
  • Quality Control:
    • Added options to calculate charts with stages for variable charts for subgroups.
    • Added new options to handle unequal subgroup sizes in variable charts for subgroups.
    • Improved error handling and robustness for handling missing values in variable charts for individuals and subgroups.
  • Machine Learning:
    • Add Naive Bayes classification analysis (244):
        Implements some explainable modelling (‘XAI’) features from the DALEX package
      • After model performance, implemented an option in all supervised analyses to show feature importance metrics (via featureImportance).
      • After feature importance, implemented an option in all supervised analyses (and the prediction analysis) to explain the predictions of the model as a sum of feature contributions (via breakDown).
      • Added multivariate normality check in the LDA analysis (2272)
      • Adds a bare-bones linear regression analysis as a baseline method in which the user can use a training and test set to compare the results with other techniques.
    • Linear Regression: Add an option to display the regression equation for (regularised) linear regression (227)
    • Optimization for support vector machines and decision trees (84)
  • SEM:
    • Add mean structure option fixing mean intercepts to zero (186)

Bug fixes

  • Multiple labelfilters do not combine correctly (2376)
  • Filter still active after reopen new session (2344)
  • Export csv file from .jasp file will lose values (2396)
  • Latex in darkmode (5311)
  • Bayesian ANOVA: Fix Single model inference (2426)
  • Learn Bayes: fix bracket at logBF10 (171)
  • Machine Learning:
    • Do not scale the target variable in regression anymore.
    • Fix bugs in Neural Network analyses related to activation function use (had wrong input for linear.output argument).
  • Quality Control
    • Graph variation components has not been built (2273)
    • Percentage Process Variation Graph hadn’t been built (2274)
    • Attributes Agreement Analysis analysis crash (2286)
    • Added help files (285)
    • Fixed issue that sometimes broke the RSM analysis (281). The rsm package calculated some “canonicals” that were not used in the JASP output. Setting the threshold to calcuate these to 0 resolved the issue.
    • Removed option to specify blocks again, breaks too often.
    • Removed options to specify manual terms for RSM analysis, breaks often and is not really useful without possibility of adding squared terms.
  • Regression analyses:
    • Bug in German translation (268, 2405)
    • Wrong values of Nagelkerke and Cox and Snell R^2 reported (2368)
  • Reliability: CI for Krippendorff’s alpha (2318)
  • SEM: Chi-square change with addtion of second model (2302)

0.18.1 (September 26th 2023)

New Features and Improvements:

      • New module: Learn Stats
      • Data Editing:
        • Beter undo/redo shortcut handling (#5262)
        • Add copy/cut/paste with header (#5249)
        • Make remove columns/rows quicker(#5242)

Bug fixes:

      • Descriptives:
        • Incorrect confidence interval in descriptive statistics (#2288)
        • Likert plot long data (#2251)
        • Use ColorPalette (#216)
      • LearnBayes: Use ColorPalette (#167)
      • SEM
        • Use ColorPalette (#177)
        • Fix disattenuation bug and handle resampling options better (#2260)
        • Merged notes additional fit measures (#147)
      • Meta Analysis, hot fixes for RoBMA (#196 & #197):
        • fix output ordering
        • fix diagnostics plots
        • fix effect size output option
        • fix ‘plotsIndividualModelsOrder’
        • plot prior distributions under custom models
        • incorrectly disabled prior scale menu on custom
      • Predictive Analytics: #11

0.18.0 (September 6th 2023)
Main new feature:

      • Data Editing

New Features and Improvements:

      • New module: Robust T-Tests
      • Show color palettes (#2122)
      • Make LaTeX formula editable (#5186)

Bug fixes:

      • ANOVA: Refreshing old jasp file engine crash (#2347)
      • T-Test: cannot render Bayesian sequential analysis with robustness check (#2252)
      • CFA error with grouping variable (#2182)
      • Improve Quality Control (#263)
      • Fix variance components plot failing for i18n (#270)
      • Add more translatable strings: (#5144)
      • Application stops responding when filtering data (#1644)
      • JASP files can be send via E-Mails, there are not blocked by E-Mail servers.

0.17.3 (July 16th 2023)
New Features and Improvements:

      • Added a beta version of the Time Series Module
      • Added the analytical risk to the Audit Risk Model
      • Benford’s law provides confidence intervals in the table and plot
      • Latex formulas can now be used in results
      • Result screen is now translatable
      • Ordinal data in the Factor module (PCA, EFA, CFA)
      • ESS output in Bayesian reliability analysis

Bug fixes:

      • Results can now be copied into Google Docs, Word, etc using Google Chrome on Windows
      • Variable type is properly updated upon type switch
      • Fix for special character entry conflicting with ALT-Navigation mode (additionally can be turned off in settings)
      • Fix Bayesian descriptives Credible Interval (#2153, #2190)
      • Allow Ordinal data and fix citations (#1723)
      • Bug Report in PROPHET Module (#2201) (29th May 2023)

      • Quality Control module upgrades broken from 0.16.4 > 0.17+ (#2142)
      • Repeated Measures Anova failing due to missing package (#2152, #2148, #2145)
      • Reliability module failing due to missing package (#2146)
      • Update to readstat 1.1.9 to fix local character encoding issues in input data
      • Filtering + Custom Contrasts (ANOVA) results in error

0.17.2 (11 May 2023)
New Features and Improvements:

      • New language added: Polish
      • Show R Syntax in Results (#2008)
      • Support for SPSS zsav file import (#5032)
      • New module: Power Analysis
      • Regression
        • Added Bayesian Logistic Regression (#205)
      • Audit
        • Audit module supports evaluation of stratified audit samples
      • Frequencies
        • Informed Multinomial Tests analyses(#113)
        • Informed Multi-Binomial Test analyses
      • Quality Control
        • Variable charts for subgroups can now handle uneven group sizes and missing values in different ways.
        • Variable charts for individuals now have the options to add stages of the analysis.
        • Functionality to create factorial and response surface designs has been expanded.
        • Functionality to analyze factorial designs has been expanded and functionality to analyze response surface designs has been added.
        • Contour plots and 3D Surface plots have been added to the Design Analysis.

Bug fixes:

      • No error bars displayed when running a 2-way ANOVA (#1983)
      • R commander drops Random Effect terms from a formula
      • Repeated Measures ANOVA now runs when the model terms are not explicitly set (#1987)
      • Regression Casewise Diagnostics table now shows the correct case ID when having missing data in dependent variable (#1989)
      • Coefficient test and Confidence Interval (#173)
      • Improvements to the Factor module
        • Tables in multigroup CFA are aligned with those in the SEM module (#162)
        • Added reliability, AVE, and HTMT option for CFA (#754, #671)
        • Added eigenvalue factor characteristics to EFA (#114)
      • In the Summary Stats Bayesian independent t-test module, both groups used to be assigned number 1 (#2095)
      • The incorrect eta-square used to be show in unequal-cells ANOVA, Type III (#2024)
      • Non parametric correlations (Spearman’s & Kendall’s tau) no longer return NaN (#2022)
      • Analysis would terminate unexpectedly when performing certain linear regressions (#2016)
      • Bayesian network estimation now with improved centrality plots and more informative error messages
      • Issues with the Tile heatmap in the Descriptives module is fixed
      • Binomial estimation had an issue with the observed count data in the Learn Bayes module (#137)
      • The Meta Analysis module did not show estimated coefficients for models with 1 continuous covariate and no intercept (#168)
      • Small fixes for the Mixed Models module
      • Warning text was inconsistent with menu options jasp-issues (#2093)

0.17.1 (13 February 2023)
Bug Fixes:

      • Repeated Measures ANOVA does not run if the model terms are not explicitly set (#1987)
      • JASP crashes sometimes when starting it with an internet proxy (#1986)
      • Wrong name in T-Tests “Wilcoxon signed-rank” option should be labelled “Mann-Whitney” (#1990)
      • Linear Regression: Casewise Diagnostics table shows wrong case ID when having missing data in dependent variable (#1989)
      • No error bars displayed when running a 2-way ANOVA (#1983)

0.17 (26 January 2023)
New Features and Improvements:

      • Syntax mode
      • Improved keyboard navigation (#4943)
      • New module: Acceptance Sampling
      • Structural Equation Modeling
        • New analysis: Partial Least Squares SEM (#354)
        • T-sized adjusted RMSEA and CFI (#1837)
      • Network
        • New analysis: Bayesian network analysis (#1864)
      • Meta-Analyses
        • New analysis: Bayesian Penalized Meta-Analysis
      • JAGS
        • Customizable Inference added (#83)
          • Show tables and plots for specific variables or subsets of variables.
          • Order the shown variable in the tables and plots by their posterior mean, posterior median, or a custom order.
          • Compute and plot custom intervals for posterior distributions (CRI, HDI, or the probability of the area between two user-specified values).
        • Save posterior samples generated to external file (#76)
        • Improved for large data files (#1920)
      • Regression
        • Added multinomial, ordinal and firth logistic regression (#179)
        • Improved performance for logistic regression (#1814)
      • Descriptives
        • Added confidence intervals for mean, standard deviation, and variance (#123
      • Distributions
        • Confidence intervals added to Q-Q and P-P plots (#82)
      • Prophet
        • Prediction is optional (#60)
      • Engines and R-library separation behavior improved (#4726)
      • Improved preference help file (#4881)
      • Module selection in R commander (#1912)
      • All plots can now be saved as .pptx, .pdf, and .eps (#113, #1910)
      • Added documentation on how to connect to Snowflake warehouse (#1888)

Bug fixes:

      • Show strength in centrality table and plot in the network analysis module (#1692)
      • Variance-covariance matrix could not always be calculated in SEM (#1845)
      • Errors when using flexplot in visual modeling module (#1327, #1849)
      • Temporarily disable no-bom-native-codepage workaround for CSVs on windows. Use utf-8 whenever you can to avoid this problem.

0.16.4 (3 October 2022)
New Features and Improvements:

      • SQL Database can be connected to JASP (#4798)
      • ANOVA
        • Standard error (SE) and coefficient of variation added to the descriptives tables (#150)
        • Friedman test checks “unreplicated block design” requirement (#177)
        • Improved help file (#1772)
        • Laplace approximation added to BANOVA (#194)
      • T-Tests
        • Brown-Forsythe test added (as default) to equality of variance tests in independent t-tests (#124)
        • Standard errors (SEs) for effect sizes added to all frequentist t-tests (#129)
      • Factor (#75, #93)
        • EFA/PCA: 
          • Ordinal variables permitted to be analyzed (#1624)
          • Option for poly/tetrachoric correlations (#903)
          • Help files improved
        • EFA: 
          • Mardia’s test of multivariate normality
          • Detailed output of the parallel analysis results
      • Frequencies
        • Contingency tables
          • Unstandardized, Pearson and Standardized residuals added (#88, #1442)
      • Cochrane Meta-Analyses (#12)
        • Export selected datasets
        • Improved error message for datasets with one estimate
        • Improved Add Estimates
      • Machine Learning
        • New dataset: Palmerpenguins (#128)
      • Mixed Models
        • New dataset: Larks & Owls (#4806)
        • Ability to remove random intercept (#97)
        • Ability to show individual random effect estimates (#97)
      • Network
        • Improved Graphical Options (#51)
      • Regression
        • Offset included to GLM (#161)
        • Improved help file for VIF (#1800)
      • Reliability
        • New analysis: Bland-Altman Plots (#111, #494)
      • SEM (#90)
        • Improved error message for unavailable missing data handlers of categorical data
        • Fixed release constraints for multigroup SEM (#1687)
        • Path coefficients table added (#95)
      • Summary Statistics
        • New analysis: Bayesian z-test (#77)
      • New transformations added to Compute Column (#4799)
        • Power transformations (Box-Cox, inverse Box-Cox, two parameter power transformation, Yeo-Johnson) 
        • Logit and inverse logit transformations
      • JASP now uses R 4.2.1 (#4801) (Improves unicode handling on windows)
      • Maximum amount of engines used by JASP can be forced by admin (#1693, #4838)
      • Exponent notation available for Table Options (#4824)
      • User-defined label for missing values in data (#4833)

Bug fixes:

      • PCA results based on covariance instead of correlation did not change output (#1667)
      • Custom contrasts in ANOVA did not update after filtering data (#627, #4741)
      • Special character in username results crashes plots (#1758)
      • Raincloud plot title fix (#181)
      • Posterior model probabilities should update when the model prior changes (#195, #1816)
      • Fix to Column Filter (#4736, #1661)
      • (Partial) fix to results displaying ugly on windows (#1747
      • Solves a crash on macOS in linear regression for extremely small numbers (#1777)
      • Fix Prophet to allow it to find timezone and date-format information (#1714)

0.16.3 (16 June 2022)
New Features and Improvements:

      • New Module: Quality Control
      • New Module: Bayesian State Space Models
      • New analysis added: Frequentist/ Classical Generalized Linear Model to the Regression module (#1656)
      •  ANOVA
        • The Bayesian repeated-measures ANOVA now includes random slopes for all but the highest order repeated-measures interaction. This brings the results from the frequentist and Bayesian repeated-measures ANOVA closer together. The old behavior can be retrieved by checking Legacy results.
        • Bayesian ANOVA, Bayesian ANCOVA, and Bayesian repeated-measures ANOVA (#151)
          • The value for the r-scale of the prior distribution on the coefficients can now be set individually for fixed effects.
          • The principle of marginality can be violated individually for fixed effects and random slopes. By default it is respected for fixed effects and violated for random slopes.
          • The prior on the model space can now be adjusted. Possible options are Uniform (default), Beta binomial, Wilson, Castillo, Bernoulli, and Custom. Custom allows for specifying individual inclusion probabilities for each effect. Note that the inclusion probabilities for interactions change if the principle of marginality is violated.
          • Nuisance predictors and other predictors common to all models can be shown in the model by unchecking “Hide nuisance in model”.
          • Warning message about changes (#158)
        • Message added when Welch correction fails (#131)
        • Improvements to Order restricted hypotheses (#153)
      • Regression
        • Bayesian linear regression now exports residuals and residual standard deviations (#110, #1596)
        • Add bootstrapped p-value to linear regression (#120)
        • Improved part and partial correlations (#1638)
      • T-Tests
        • Coefficient of variation added to the descriptives tables of all T-Tests (#122, #1599)
      • Bain
        • Draw correct posterior probability plot in all AN(C)OVA / regression / SEM situations (#80)
      • Descriptives
        • Improved interface (#1635)
      • Frequencies
        • Bayesian Binomial Test (#83, #1605)
          • Improved help files
          • Improved lay-out
          • Footnote added to display what kind of beta prior is used on the alternative hypothesis
      • Machine Learning
        • Matthews correlation coefficient added to evaluation metrics for classification (#134, #750)
        • Decision Trees able to only show relevant splits (#152)
        • Improvement to decision boundary matrix (#152)
      • Audit
        • UI improvements
      • Reliability
        • Krippendorff’s alpha added to Rater Agreement (#1665)
        • Improvements to fit measure table for Bayesiansingle factor model (#94)

Bug fixes:

      • Raincloud plot lines that connect data points within-subject (#155)
      • In RM ANOVA contrast couldn’t be negative (#1704)
      • ANOVA affected coding options in Regression (#1677)
      • Error in JAGS (#1691)
      • Help button not clickable in Bayesian Unidimensional Reliability (#1621)
      • Flatpak no longer crashes on certain actions (#1424)

0.16.2 (19 April 2022)
New Features and Improvements:

      • JASP now runs natively on Apple Silicon
      • JASP uses the latest version of R 4.1.3

Bug fixes:

      • Unexpected slowness on Windows (#1490, #1546, #1643)
      • Resolved an issue where macOS was identifying JASP as a harmful app (#1426)
      • Factors of CFA disappeared (#1640)
      • JASP crashed when adding a rm factor in RM ANOVA (#4725)

0.16.1 (16 February 2022)
New Features and Improvements:

      • New languages added: French (incomplete)
      • Repeated Measures ANOVA post hoc tests
        • Improved effect size calculation, including interactions, multiplicity correction, and confidence intervals
          • Effect sizes now computed with emmeans, which also allows effect sizes for interactions and confidence intervals (#1135, #1299, #1303).
        • Update help file to explain Levene test (#1518)
      • Machine Learning
        • New analyses decision tree regression and classification
        • New analyses Support vector machine regression and classification
        • K-medoids and K-medians clustering techniques added to Neighborhood-based (formerly K-means)
        • Extra plot in k-nn regression and classification showing the relative weights as a function of the distance
        • Extra evaluation metrics for all classification analyses
      • New module: Cochrane Meta-Analysis
        • Allows users to select and analyze data from Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
      • Regression
        • Logistic Regression
          • Total percentage in confusion matrix added (#1471)
          • Multicollinearity Diagnostics added (#1515)
        • Improved the help file (#1495)
      • Bain
        • An extra column showing PMPc has been added to the ANOVA, ANCOVA, SEM, and linear regression standard table outputs
      • Descriptive Statistics
        • Option to hide/ show Valid and Missing cases (#1480)
      • Factor Analysis
        • New option for parallel analysis: 1) can be based on FA or 2) PCA (#1319)
        • Scree plot is overhauled to be more concise. New option to turn parallel analysis results on and off in the plot
      • Reliability
        • New analysis for Cohen’s & Fleiss’ kappa (#310, #1476)
        • Bayesian Unidimensional Reliability added
          • Standardized coefficients
          • Standardized single-factor loadings
          • Control over the priors
          • Median option as a point estimate
          • Fit measures for single-factor model (rmsea, LR, cfi, tli)
          • Improved help file
      • Audit
        • Added an option to specify the maximum sample size
        • Fixed a bug in the Bayesian workflow where the sample size started counting at 5, sometimes resulting in sample sizes that did not match the desired input criteria
      • Improvements to “About”
      • Improved layout of network graphs in Network module (#1366)

Bug fixes:

      • Path plots in Factor module fixed (#1548, #1570, #1573)
      • Factor correlation matrix showed the correlations of the estimated factor scores. Now the proper factor intercorrelations are used
      • Computing Z-scores does not give an error anymore (#1507)
      • Pairwise plots able to handle ordinal variables (#1523)

0.16 (17 November 2021)
New Features and Improvements:

      • New languages added: Spanish, Indonesian (incomplete)
      • Meta-Analysis:
        • WAAP-WLS
        • PET-PEESE
        • Prediction Model Performance
        • Set seed option in Bayesian Meta-Analysis
      • Machine Learning:
        • New Neural Network regression and classification analyses
        • Model saving for all regression and classification analyses
          • Models can be saved locally as .jaspML files
        • Prediction for all regression and classification models
          • Locally saved .jaspML files can be loaded and applied to new data in the new prediction analysis
      • New module: Circular
        • Perform Circular Statistics
      • Summary Statistics:
        • General Bayesian Tests 
      • ANOVA:
        • GORIC(A) in AN(C)OVA and RM ANOVA 
      • Regression:
        • Row/column/total proportions parallel to counts for confusion matrix in Logistic Regression
        • Marginal effects plots in Linear Regression
      • Audit:
        • UI revamp
        • Prior and posterior predictive plots
      • Ability to use base 10 for scientific notation in tables

Bug fixes:

      • Fix scaling funnel plot (#1223)
      • Corrected Kendall’s W statistic (#1473)
      • Do not show the zip warning on Windows when opening a .jasp file (#1431)

0.15 (21 September 2021)
New Features and Improvements:

      • Basic plot editing functionality
      • New languages added: Japanese, Galician, Portuguese, Chinese (incomplete), Spanish (incomplete)
      • Better support for non-western systems:
        • Support installing jasp for user with username in native locale characters and make jasp not crash immediately
        • Support reading “native” locale encoded csvs and utf-8 both, dependent on the BOM file format
        • Allow custom fonts in plots
      • SEM: 
        • Possibility to define several models
        • MIMIC model analysis (in beta)
        • Latent Growth analysis (in beta)
        • Improved labels in tables (#1128)
        • Footnote fit-table listwise deletion (#1244)
      • T-Tests and ANOVAs: 
        • Raincloud plots
        • One-Sample T-Test provides location and effect size estimates relative to the test value (#1158)
      • Distributions: 
        • Major update including 23 new continuous and 5 discrete distributions
      • Learn Bayes:
        • Binary classification
        • Game of chance
        • Game of skill
        • Buffon’s needle
        • Some edge case scenario and esthetical fixes for binomial estimation
      • Descriptives: 
        • Dot plots (#549)
        • Stem-and-leaf tables (#684)
        • Descriptives table can now be transposed (#1219)
        • Distribution plots: User-specifiable bins
      • Regression:
        • Bootstrap confidence intervals for Kendall’s, Spearman’s, and Pearson’s partial correlation coefficient
        • Categorical variables can be used as predictors in linear regression
        • Adjusted lower limit for wls weights (#7082)
        • Relaxed error check on the covariance matrix of predictors (#1333)
      • Frequencies:
        • Guttman and Kruskal’s lambda for contingency tables (#1075)
        • Choose odds ratio for contingency table (#913)
        • Show more informative footnote when phi cannot be calculated (#811)
      • Factor analysis
        • Factor loadings can now be sorted in EFA and CFA (#1215)
      • Mixed Models:
        • Changing default links for gamma and negative binomial family
        • Fixing plotting themes
        • Improving warning messages
      • Meta-Analyses:
      • Reliability:
        • Classical intraclass correlation coefficients 
        • Tables now report  means and standard deviations of participants’ sum scores or mean scores 
        • Restructuring of R-code to improve computational time 
        • Reduced  .jasp file sizes produced by sampling in reliability analysis
      • Bain:
        • Added Bayesian informative hypotheses evaluation for structural equation models
      • New module “Prophet” for time series prediction (in beta)

Bug fixes:

      • Several fixes to sav loading (spss files)
      • Loading data repeated measures ANOVA (#1114)
      • Fixed results table of Classical Binomial Test (#1281)
      • Fixed error in density graph Bayesian meta-analysis (#1236)
      • Fixed error in computing the total number of edges in Network analysis (#1339)
      • Resized plots are kept after refreshing (#824)

0.14.1 (17 December 2020)

      • Several changes to the audit module 
        • Evaluate audit samples more efficiently #4411
        • More prior construction methods #700
        • UVB functionality #1149
      • More computing speed for RoBMA #4408
      • Previously the effect size estimates and confidence intervals in the one-sample t-test were defined in terms of mean differences, thus, with respect to the test point. This created some confusion. Both the effect size estimates and confidence intervals are now defined in terms of the mean, thus, independently of the test point #4407
      • Updates to Data Library (new Datasaurus and World Happiness examples) #4393

Bug fixes:

      • Fixed error “MSVCP140.dll is missing” #1179
      • Fix to multigroup SEM #4394
      • Fix to t-test #4390
      • fixing marginal custom CI in predictive distributions #4397

0.14 (14 October 2020)
New Features and Improvements:

      • Adjust for publication bias in meta-analysis
        • Robust Bayesian meta-analysis
        • Selection models
      • Learn Bayes module
      • PDF export of results
      • Choose your font
      • German translation, courtesy of Johannes Keyser from the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
      • Frequentist partial correlations
      • Confidence and prediction intervals in linear regression
      • New distributions in the Distributions module (log-normal and logistic)
      • Installing Jasp without admin rights (#861)

Bug fixes:

      • Fixes to spreadsheet (#901, #914, #933, #935)
      • Large dataset: JASP crash when changing variable type (#938)
      • Analysis of Effects: Across Matched Models (#852)
      • Corrections of bugs found during the JASP workshop (#4257)
      • Summary Statistics Bayesian Independent Samples T-Test: Labels in prior and posterior plots switch upon changing from BF10 to BF01 (#796)
      • Fixes to Quill (#694, #695, #696)
      • Issues with display of icons and characters (#851, #929)
      • ROC and PR curve (after classification) (#277)
      • Plots on linux are only saved as png (#889)
      • Inconsistency between frequentist and bayesian non parametric paired t-test (#868)
      • Add methods median, ward.d, ward.d2 and mcquitty (#4222)
      • Contingency tables properly reverse column labels (#4211)
      • Posterior summaries in Bayesian linear regression and Bayesian ANOVAs show exclusion probabilities (#625)
      • Log Odds Ratio value not updated (#915)
      • Bayesian Mixed Effect Models with aggregated binomial family (#957)
      • Reliability: Average interitem correlation 95%CI, does not include point estimate (#888)

0.13.1 (21 July 2020)
New Features and improvements:

      • Add option to check last digits in Benford’s Law

Bug fixes:

      • Fixes in Reliability (jasp-issues #870 #855 #853 #841)
      • Fixing BGLMM beta distribution
      • Fixed some problems for Windows users with non-ascii characters in their username (jasp-issues #835 #830)
      • Crashes on Mac’s with Intel Iris have been fixed and hardware rendering on Mac has been turned back on by default.
      • Save as PPTX now also works Mac. (jasp-issue #972)
      • Changing type of column while ANOVA, ANCOVA, CFA is active leads to crash (jasp-issues #839 #988)
      • Flexplot’s added variable plots are not showing up (jasp-issue #854)
      • Mixed Models – dependent variable checks cannot deal with NAs (jasp-issue #867)

0.13 (2 July 2020)
New Features and improvements:

      • Engine improvements
      • The new analyses rely on several R packages. We are grateful to the package developers and list the newly added/updated packages below. All R packages used in JASP can be found here
      • New modules and analyses:
        • Mixed Models (both Bayesian and classical)
          • Linear mixed models
          • Generalized linear mixed models
        • Reliability module (both Bayesian and classical)
          • Single-Test Reliability Analysis
        • R-console (beta)
        • Bayesian A/B test for the Summary Stats module
        • New analyses for the Audit module
          • Selection
          • Evaluation
          • Bayesian Evaluation
      • Analyses improvements
        • ANOVA
          • Contrasts for interaction effects, including custom contrasts (jasp-issue #782)
        • Network analysis module
      • Saving plots as powerpoint files

Bug fixes:


New R-packages:

Bug Fixes:

      • Cannot specify parameter names in Observed Values in JAGS
      • repeated measures ANOVA bugs (issue #691)
      • 0.12.1 crashes In repeated measures ANOVA (issue #683)
      • Update Data Library JASP files

Bug Fixes:

      • Bayesian Linear regression Bug (issue #677)
      • Variables List becomes smaller when language is changed

0.12 (10 April 2020)
New Features and improvements:

      • Update R to version 3.6.1
      • R rewrites
      • Support for TSV-files (credits to Lars Willighagen)
      • New user settings
        • Dark Theme option
        • Ability to select a language
          • Dutch
          • English
        • Search for variables by typing the variable name
      • New interface options
        • Output annotation/note editing
        • Search option in the help files
      • New modules and analyses
        • Bayesian meta-analysis
        • JAGS module
        • Discover distributions module
        • Visual modeling module (beta)
        • Equivalence testing module (beta)
      • Analyses improvements
        • Additional options for descriptive statistics
          • Scatter plot
          • Pie chart
          • Possibility to choose color palette for plots
        • Set seed option for Bayesian t-tests, Bayesian ANOVA’s, Bayesian linear regression, Bayesian Correlation, Bayesian A/B Test, Bayesian Contingency Tables, and Bayesian log-linear regression
        • Extensions of the ANOVA
          • Custom contrast
          • Option to flag significant comparisons
        • Bayesian correlation matrix and Bayesian correlation pairs merged into Bayesian correlation, with the following new features:
          • Option to display sample size
          • Option to display pairwise table/plot
          • Option to specify credible intervals
          • Plots
            • Additional info for sequential analysis
            • Separated testing and estimation info in prior posterior plot
        • Additional options for the correlation matrix
          • Heatmap
          • Pairwise table/ plot
          • Option to display the sample size
          • Assumption checks
          • Possibility to specify how to treat missing values
        • Bayes factor robustness check for the Bayesian a/b test
        • Extensions of the Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
          • Additional orthogonal and oblique rotation options
          • Possibility to choose between correlation and covariance matrix
          • Components characteristics table
        • Additional options for the Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA)
          • Structure matrix table
          • Possibility to choose estimation method
          • Additional orthogonal and oblique rotation options
          • Factor characteristics table
          • Assumption checks
            • KMO test
            • Barlett’s test
        • Improvements to the Network module
        • Added Fisher’s exact test to Contingency tables
        • Extensions of the Bayesian Correlation in the summary statistics module
          • Credible intervals
          • Testing information for prior and posterior plots
        • Improvement of the Bain module
          • Now runs on bain package from CRAN
          • Added adjustable credible interval option
        • Additional features for the Machine Learning module
          • Intercept added to the LDA coefficients table
          • Cluster analyses
            • New cluster means table
            • Added cluster density plots
            • New cluster means plot (dot and bar) with 95% confidence intervals
        • Improvement of the Audit module
          • Now runs on jfa package from CRAN
          • Option to add badges to the report, easily indicating outcome of the analysis
          • New analysis: Benfords law (classical) with jasp file “sinoForest”
          • Greyed out the seed in fixed interval sampling
          • Planning stage
            • Prior and expected posterior descriptives table for the planning stage
            • Options for custom inherent risk and control risk
            • Added the gamma distribution as a possible prior
            • Expected evidence ratio
            • Options to shade either the support region under the prior and posterior distribution, or the x% credible region
          • Evaluation stage
            • Prior and posterior descriptives
            • Options to shade either the support region under the prior and posterior distribution, or the x% credible region

Bug fixes:

Bug fixes: 

      • Some analyses (Descriptives, Bayesian T-Test) do not work on Windows if the user account name has non-latin characters (jasp-issues #501 #505)
      • AUDIT analyses hangs when adding computed columns
      • Machine Learning Regression: non numeric column leads to error

0.11 (24 September 2019)
New Features and improvements: 

      • Machine Learning module
        • Regression analyses 
          • Boosting Regression 
          • K-Nearest Neighbors Regression 
          • Random Forest Regression 
          • Regularized Linear Regression 
        • Classification analyses 
          • Boosting Classification 
          • K-Nearest Neighbors Classification 
          • Linear Discriminant Classification 
          • Random Forest Classification 
        • Clustering analyses 
          • Density-Based Clustering 
          • Fuzzy C-Means Clustering 
          • Hierarchical Clustering
          • K-Means Clustering 
          • Random Forest Clustering 
      • MAD and MAD robust for Descriptives
      • Additional option to copy analyses 
      • Updated the data library
      • Updated support for SPSS files
      • Added support for STATA/SAS files

Bug fixes: 

0.10.2 (22 July 2019)
Bug fix: 

      • Summary Stats and Planning crash in absence of data fixed

New Features and improvements: 

      • AUDIT module 
      • Mediation analysis
      • Post-hoc test for between*within interactions in mixed ANOVA 
      • Q-Q plot in descriptives 
      • Fixes for the Bain module 
      • Effect sizes for independent t-test 
      • Added documentation to the Bayesian A/B test 
      • Order analyses by Drag & Drop 
      • Sort option in OSF menu to order files on name and date 
      • Alphabetic ordering of variables 

Bug fixes: 

0.10 (11 June 2019)
New Features and Improvements:

      • New interface
        • Panel redesign
          • Data panel, analysis input panel and results panel can be manipulated much more intuitively with sliders and show/hide buttons
          • All analyses input forms have been rewritten and made more consistent
          • Changed the analysis input panel to have an overview of all opened analyses and added the possibility to change titles, to show documentation, and remove analyses
        • Improvement of the ribbon bar
        • Enhanced the navigation through the file menu; it is now possible to use keys and hovering
        • Added possibility to scale the entire application with Ctrl +, Ctrl – and Ctrl 0
      • New analyses
        • MANOVA
        • Confirmatory Factor Analysis
        • Bayesian Multinomial Test
        • Bayesian A/B Test (beta)
        • Bain (module; beta)
      • New user settings
        • Ability to let JASP log its workflow and save it to a file (useful for bug reporting)
        • An option to let JASP remember your used modules in subsequent sessions
        • An import threshold that specifies how integer columns should be read (categorical or scale)
        • Early developer mode that allows dynamic modules to be added (beta)
      • Improvements
        • Added/updated help files for most analyses
        • R engine updated from 3.4.4 to 3.5.2
        • Added Šidák correction for post-hoc tests (AN(C)OVA)
        • Added bootstrapping for post-hoc tests (AN(C)OVA)
        • Added bootstrapping for marginal means (AN(C)OVA)
        • Ability to plot a covariate on the horizontal axis (ANCOVA)
        • Added post-hoc tests for interactions (RM ANOVA)
        • Added marginal means (RM ANOVA)
        • Added bootstrapping for marginal means (RM ANOVA)
        • Added confidence intervals for post-hoc tests (RM ANOVA)
        • More complete Sphericity tests (Chi-squared and df; RM ANOVA)
        • Added generalized eta squared effect size (RM ANOVA)
        • Added Cox & Snell R-squared (Logistic regression)
        • Added Wald test for coefficients (Logistic regression)
        • Added casewise diagnostics (Logistic regression)
        • Added bootstrapping for coefficients (Logistic regression)
        • Added R-squared for observed variables (SEM)
        • Added Shapiro-Wilks test (Descriptives)
        • Added median absolute deviation (Descriptives)
        • Added interquartile range (Descriptives)
        • Enhanced stability of Bayesian Mann-Whitney U test (Bayesian t-test)
        • Included table and plot for single model and model averaged posterior distributions (Bayesian ANOVA’s)
        • Added single model and model averaged QQ plots (Bayesian ANOVA’s)

Bug fixes:

0.9.2 (10 December 2018)
New Features and Improvements:

      • Export to csv (works with computed columns)
      • WIX installer for Windows (enables you to choose a path for the installation of JASP)
      • Added extra transformations to compute column
      • Adapted behaviour of ifElse and replaceNA to work on the labels
      • User interface scaling
      • Default white background for plots, but you can choose transparent as well
      • Modern JASP logo has replaced the old software icon
      • Made replaceNA applicable for all types
      • Increase size of data viewer in options
      • Left columns with variable names abbreviated [compute column and filter]


      • Drop levels of factors by default after applying a filter
      • Increased startup-speed for Windows

Bug fixes:

0.9.1 (11 October 2018)
New features and improvements:

Bugs Solved:

      • Fix issue: #2641 JASP 0.9 does not recognize special characters on Mac and Windows
      • Request: #2657 Small fix in LogReg Tjur R²
      • Request: #2638 LaTeX and Apply Filter

0.9 (20 June 2018)
New features and improvements:

      • Filtering: use either R code or a drag-and-drop GUI to select cases of interest (an in-depth explanation on filtering in JASP will be posted soon)
      • The JASP data library: an initial collection of over 50 data sets, including the examples from two popular stats textbooks
      • Exporting tables from JASP in LaTeX format
      • Non-parametric tests:
        • Friedman and Durbin tests / nonparametric (classical RM ANOVA)
        • Kruskal-Wallis / nonparametric (classical ANOVA)
        • Connover’s nonparametric post hoc test (classical RM ANOVA)
        • Dunn’s nonparametric post hoc test (classical ANOVA)
        • Mann-Whitney / Wilcoxon rank sum test (Bayesian independent samples T-Test)
      • Resizing tables and plots with ctrl+/ctrl-/ctrl=
      • R engine updated from 3.3.3 to 3.4.4
      • SEM module upgraded
      • Improved Bayesian linear regression
      • Improved contrasts for RM ANOVA
      • Hand pointer to scroll through the data viewer
      • Open file via welcome screen
      • Improvement of placement tags of outliers
      • Graphs in network analysis displays in colourblind mode by default


      • Fix issue: #2381 One Sample T-Test: Possible error in the estimation of the 95% CI for Mean Difference
      • Fix issue: #2074 Linear regression bugs
      • Fix issue: #2438 Bayesian descriptive plot for RM ANOVA does not work
      • Fix issue: #2346 SumStats module Bayesian Regression does not have addInfo for robustness check
      • Fix issue: #2400, #2425 Bayesian linear regression error when adding interaction
      • Fix issue: #2467 Add standardized alpha for reliability analysis
      • Fix issue: #2074 Linear regression bugs
      • Fix issue: #2497 Fix Meta-analysis
      • Fix issue: #2541, #1929 Bayesian correlation “terminates unexpectedly”

0.8.6 (28 February 2018)
New features:

      • A revamped Bayesian linear regression thanks to the BAS package
      • Multinomial analysis
      • Install JASP on most Linux distributions more easily due to Flatpak support
      • Plots now update directly when resizing them
      • A tooltip for variables so that long names can be still read
      • Z-test
      • Simple main effects for repeated measures ANOVA
      • High DPI support on Windows, improving display resolution


      • Unable to plot network graph when non-ascii character in filename #2252
      • Repeated-measures ANOVA error with high(ish) number of cells (complex numbers or unequal size arrays) #2241
      • Re-enable SEM on Linux #2267
      • Beter guess of the delimiter when loading a CSV file #2259
      • Issue with EFA explanatory parallel oblimin Factoranalysis #2249
      • Small changes in the UI for Linear Regression and Factor analyses #2291
      • Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! #2286
      • If SEM analysis jasp file is opened, the model specified is not shown in the text area #2297

0.8.5 (20 December 2017)

      • Network module: new clustering table/plot
      • ANOVA : simple effects
      • ANOVA : fix for repeated contrast
      • Logistic regression: changes to stepwise regression.
      • Logistic regression : AIC fior variable selection & removal p-values


      • Independent sample Bayesian t-test #2196
      • Wrong valid percent in frequency table #2202
      • Improve ODS Importer #2167

0.8.4 (13 November 2017)
New features:

      • Added meta analysis
      • Added network analysis
      • Improved the module layout
      • Added stepwise methods to logistic regression
      • Added effect size measures to post-hoc analyses in ANOVA / ANCOVA
      • Improved backwards compatibility for Linux users with older R versions


      • Fixed situation where JASPEngine process would linger after closing JASP
      • Better handling of utf8 characters ((#1695), (#1704) and (#1719)
      • Fixed confidence intervals cohens d (t-test)
      • Fixed bug where prior posterior plot could not be made (Hotfix)

      • Hotfix p-value chi-square Logistic Regression (#2054)

0.8.3 (10 October 2017)

New features:

      • Added logistic regression
      • Added hierarchical regression
      • Added ability to add/change missing values
      • Added progress bar to Bayesian ANOVA’s and regression
      • Added preference option to change the number of decimals that are displayed
      • Reworked the layout of the Preferences window
      • Added option to toggle frequentist correlation table to pairwise display
      • Added ability to change y-axis in RM ANOVA descriptives plots
      • Added effect sizes to post-hoc tests ANOVA
      • Added confidence intervals to rank correlations
      • Changed display of Bayesian and frequentist correlations to below diagonal
      • Removed autofilling of options when another instance of an analysis is started


      • Fixed analysis crash when RM and between factors name match (#1906)
      • Fixed bug where JASP crashes if you load data between running analyses
      • Fixed issue where files from old JASP versions cause problems in newer versions
      • Fixed bug where About window would go behind main window
      • Fixed analysis crash when vovk-sellke was selected in correlations (#1959)
      • Fixed issue with importing of PSPP files (#1966)
      • Fixed issue where RM factor is reset when the analysis options are refreshed (#1921)
      • Changed base of logarithm to e in Bayesian correlation matrix (#1981)
      • Fixed vanishing of footnotes in Bayesian correlation matrix
      • Fixed plot for logBF robustness in correlation pairs (24 August 2017)

New features:

      • Added split-by functionality to descriptives.
      • Show exact p-values.
      • Pdf and tiff support for images.
      • Added Summary Bayesian t-test subjective prior.
      • Added confidence intervals for effect sizes in t-tests.
      • Added an inclusion analysis to Bayesian ANOVA.
      • Added a post-hoc analysis to Bayesian ANOVA.
      • Added confidence interval to Cronbach’s alpha.


      • Not showing any results on Mac (#1831).
      • Confidence intervals clarified.
      • Fixed tab order (#1817).
      • Fixed factor scaling option in SEM module (#1857).
      • Allow for multiple contingency tables (#1878). (1 June 2017)

New features:

      • EPS format support for plots (click on a plot and choose ‘Save As’ menu)
      • Bayesian t-tests (paired, one-sample, independent): Subjective t-distribution, plots and output in table, compare to best model


      • Support R3.3.3, all packages are upgraded
      • ANOVA output option: best model on top (#1593)
      • Frequentist t-test: Changed labels of reported statistics and effect sizes
      • Set right citation for analyses
      • SEM updates: Multiple models support
      • Credible intervals Bayesian correlation matrix and Bayesian correlation pairs
      • p-values for summary stats Kendall’s tau
      • Improve SPSS synchronisation
      • New welcome page


      • Fix to NA levels and minimum obs amount in t-test (#1707)
      • Summary stats – Correlation BF error in posterior plot (#1667)
      • About box on Mac does not work (#1700)
      • Change variables can crash when an analysis was deleted
      • Crash when open a JASP file after closing another one
      • Error with only within-subjects variables in an ANOVA (#1677)
      • Independent Samples T Test, Fixed Cohen’s d (#1734)

Major changes:

      • #1682: CSV Importer crashes with big files (8 March 2017)

Major changes:

      • Raw data editing by means of synchronisation with your favourite editor
      • Edit and label manipulation
      • ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet) import
      • Added Vovk-Sellke MPR functionality
      • Added McDonalds Omega on Reliability analysis
      • Further improvement error handling with showing stack trace on result screen
      • Descriptives for ANCOVA/ANOVA
      • Improvement Repeated Measurements: made plots adaptable to within analysis changes
      • Added p-values to Sumstats Module and Kendall’s tau


      • Fixed the scale argument of the credible interval
      • #1613 Psych update R-package to fix incorrect Cronbach’s alpha value
      • Fixed RM ANOVA so that factor can be changed with correct cons
      • Fixed Levene’s test for use with covariates

Minor changes:

      • #1556 Posterior distribution Pearson’s rho
      • #1548 Calculate Bayesfactor when Kendall Tau is selected as correlation coefficient (Summary Statistics)
      • #1561 Error messages
      • #1549 User prior not plotted correctly in independent t-test
      • #1530 Anova descriptive plot update
      • #1528 Infinity values treatment
      • #1517 Boxplot error (14 October 2016)

Major changes:

      • Added reliability analyses
      • Added classical exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and principal component analysis (PCA)
      • Added summary statistics module
      • Possibility to import SPSS data files (.sav)
      • Descriptive statistics: added boxplots (and extended other plotting capabilities)
      • Bayesian AN(C)OVA + Linear Regression: added advanced options (changing prior settings, manually set number of samples)
      • Classical binomial test: added confidence interval option + descriptive plots option
      • Added Kendall’s Tau coefficient to Bayesian Correlation

Minor changes:

      • Added “remove all results” option
      • Improved visibility of RM ANOVA cells (fixes #1382)
      • OSX: fixed double click crash on JASP file from desktop
      • Fixed problem where OSF did not show all projects

Minor changes:

      • Enable Export function. Added Export Data (in csv format) & Export Result (in html format). (Fixes #1296)
      • Fixes #1270 (hanging problem with many columns).
      • Bayesian contingency table: posterior log odds respond to prior concentration (Fixes#1255)
      • Lin. Reg.: Fixed missing t-values (Fixes #1248) (17 March 2016)

Major changes:

      • Open Science Framework integration
      • Possible to annotate your results
      • Added binomial test (both classical and Bayesian)
      • Added log-linear regression (both classical and Bayesian)
      • Menu redesign

Minor changes:

      • Classical t-tests: added additional statistics (Welch, Mann-Whitney U, Wilcoxon signed rank)
      • Bayesian t-tests: added descriptive plots
      • Classical AN(C)OVA: improved post-hoc tests, added Q-Q plot option
      • Classical repeated measures ANOVA: added contrasts + post-hoc tests
      • Classical linear regression: added model builder + assumption checks
      • Bayesian correlation pairs: added scatterplot