JASP can open the following file types:

  1. .csv, .tsv, and .txt (any text files with comma/semicolon/colon/tab separated columns)
  2. .sav, .zsav and .por (SPSS files)
  3. .sas7bda, .sas7bcatt and .xpt (SAS files)
  4. .ods (Open Document Spreadsheet format, used by software such as            OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Excel)
  5. .dta (Stata files)

Yes, this is possible. When JASP was first developed, the focus was on designing a GUI that would retain the desirable properties of syntax (such as reproducibility) without requiring or producing syntax itself. Since then we came to the realization that many users would like to have access to the R syntax, and it is available in JASP from version 0.17 onward. The R syntax is visible by clicking the analysis-specific R icon.
At the moment, the R syntax works only within JASP itself — it can be used to control the GUI and it runs in the JASP R console. In the near future the R syntax produced by JASP will also work in R Studio.