Introducing JASP 0.18.2 (beta): PROCESS, Survival Analysis, and More

The JASP team finished version 0.18.2 just before Christmas. Because of the holidays we cannot provide the usual level of support, and this is why we decided to make the 0.18.2 version available as a beta release. The installation files are signed, however; release notes and installation files are available ON OUR GITHUB PAGE! Hightlights:

  • JASP 0.18.2 offers extensive functionality for fitting process models, thanks to a collaboration with the eScience center. A teaser blogpost is here; a more extensive blogpost highlighting the new functionality is in preparation.
  • JASP 0.18.2 offers nonparametric survival analysis. Upcoming versions will expand this functionality.
  • To provide a better installation experience we are experimenting with a new installer type. This installer is compatible with the Microsoft store. The Microsoft Store mirrors the download across the globe resulting in improved download speeds, especially in China. Furthermore this installer is substantially faster than the old one and requires no user interaction. We may eventually provide this installer outside of the Windows Store to provide some of these improvements for users who do not wish to use the Microsoft Store. The link to the JASP Microsoft Store is HERE.
  • JASP 0.18.2 offers the opportunity to include videos in the annotation, which we hope will be helpful for teaching.
  • JASP 0.18.2 provides a series of improvements for data editing and for machine learning.

For a complete list of features, improvements, and bug fixes please see our GitHub page for the 0.18.2 version.

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