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Since version 0.18.1, JASP acknowledges a number of universities on its splash screen: the University of Amsterdam, M&S/fss/Utrecht University, Nyenrode Business University, KU Leuven, and Tilburg University. These universities have joined the JASP Cooperative and together support the continued development of JASP. The vision is that institutions of higher learning can increase the quality of their statistics courses by adopting a software program that is free, user-friendly, and flexible – JASP. Because JASP is open-source, its continued development also benefits underprivileged students and teachers worldwide.

In line with this vision, the short-term goals of the JASP Cooperative are threefold:

  • To actively support teachers who wish to adopt JASP for their statistics classes.
  • To continue the development of JASP so as to provide students with the best possible learning experience. 
  • To add functionality that meets particular needs in research and education.

The JASP splash screen also suggests that users fill out a “Request for JASP Support Form” and attend their institution to the possibility of joining the Cooperative. Currently we have three tiers of support with an increasing number of benefits for teaching. Participation can be evaluated on an annual basis.

By joining forces across institutions we believe it is possible to boost the quality of statistics education for a smidgen of the costs that universities worldwide now spend on annual licenses for commercial, closed-source software. A more in-depth description of the JASP Cooperative is provided on the JASP website.

We believe that the JASP Cooperative knows only winners: teachers will be more effective, students will be happier, universities will fulfill their primary objectives (and may gain financially, when they stop paying annual licenses for commercial alternatives), and JASP itself can be vigorously expanded and maintained. 

Please do not hesitate to attend your institution to the possibility of joining the JASP Cooperative!  

The JASP Cooperation Governing Board

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