Introducing JASP 0.16.3: Quality Control, GLMs, Bayesian State Space Models, Improvements to Bayesian ANOVA, and More

We are happy to announce that JASP 0.16.3 has been released and is now available on our download page. JASP 0.16.3 contains the following new features and improvements:

  • The new module Quality Control has been added which you can use to investigate if a manufactured product adheres to a defined set of quality criteria.

  • The newly added module for Bayesian State Space Models (BSTS) allows you to analyze time series data using the powerful state space approach.

  • The frequentist Generalized Linear Model has become available in the Regression module.

  • For the Bayesian ANOVA, Bayesian ANCOVA, and Bayesian repeated-measures ANOVA multiple adjustment have been made, among others:
    • The value for the r-scale of the prior distribution can now be set individually for fixed effects,

    • And the prior distribution can be adjusted.

  • The Bayesian repeated-measures ANOVA now includes random slopes for all but the highest order repeated-measures interaction. This brings the results from the frequentist and Bayesian repeated-measures ANOVA in closer alignment. The old behavior can be retrieved by checking Legacy results.
  • You can export the residuals and residual standard deviations from a Bayesian Linear Regression analysis.

These are just a few highlights — JASP 0.16.3 contains much more. For a complete list of features, improvement and bug fixes view our release notes.

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