Introducing JASP 0.16.1: French Translation, Cochrane Meta-Analysis, Decision Trees, and More.

We are happy to announce that JASP 0.16.1 has been released and is now available on our download page. JASP 0.16.1 contains the following new features and improvements:

  • JASP is now available in French (incomplete).
  • The Machine Learning module has been expanded so that you can now perform (1) Support Vector Machine regression and classification analyses,
  • and (2) Decision Tree regression and classification analyses.
  • RM ANOVA post hoc tests now includes effect sizes for interaction effects and confidence intervals for effect sizes. Additionally, effect sizes are now corrected for multiple comparisons. Thanks to the emmeans R-package.
  • A new module has been added: Cochrane Meta-Analyses.

These are just a few highlights — JASP 0.16.1 contains much more. For a complete list of features, improvements and bug fixes view our release notes.

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