Highlights of JASP in 2021

JASP has had a successful year in which it has become more user-friendly, accessible and flexible. We have released two new versions, numerous translations were added and the backend has been improved.

Major developments of JASP in 2021

  • Simplifying JASP’s internal structure
    Behind the scenes, our developers have put a lot of effort into further developing JASP’s backend, that is, its internal structure. As a result, it is now much easier to add new modules to JASP. This is an ongoing process and we will further simplify the development process for JASP in the upcoming years.
  • JASP output verified with other software packages 
    To ensure the correctness of JASP’s output for various analyses, they have been verified with computations by hand, and the output of software packages such SPSS, SAS, Minitab and R. See our blogpost and verification document for further details.

All these improvements have been made possible by a great team of developers, translators, and users (who have helped testing, requested features, and reported bugs). We are grateful to everyone who has helped us over the past year(s) and we are looking forward to many new developments in the near future.

About the authors

Alexander Ly

Alexander Ly is the CTO of JASP and responsible for guiding JASP’s scientific and technological strategy as well as the development of some Bayesian tests.

Dana Sleiffer

Dana is a Research Master student in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.