Introducing JASP 0.15 – New Languages, Basic Plot Editing, Raincloud Plots, and More

We are happy to announce that JASP 0.15 has been released and is now available on the download page. JASP 0.15 contains the following new features and improvements:

  • JASP has now been translated to Japanese, Portuguese, Galician, Chinese (incomplete), and Spanish (incomplete). We will post more about these versions and the translators in the upcoming weeks.
  • Plot editing. This allows you to change several aspects of a JASP plot, such as the axes ticks, labels, ranges, and titles.

  • Raincloud plots are now available.

  • The new Prophet module allows you to do time series forecasting.

  • MIMIC modeling has been added to the SEM module.

  • Latent growth analysis for linear and quadratic trends has been added to the SEM module.

  • Bootstrap confidence intervals for Kendall’s, Spearman’s and Pearson’s partial correlation coefficient.

  • The Learn Bayes module has been expanded to include several new demonstrations and analyses, such as: (1) Binary Classification,

  • Major update to the Distribution module: 23 new continuous and 5
    discrete distributions were added.

These are just a few highlights — JASP 0.15 contains much more. For a complete list of features, improvement and bug fixes view our release notes.

About the author

Dana Sleiffer

Dana is a Research Master student in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.