JASP 0.14.1 – Minor Update

We are happy that JASP 0.14 has been downloaded over 99877 times since its release on October 14th! JASP 0.14.1 adds some improvements and fixes small issues. Some of the improvements are:

  • Several changes to the audit module
    • Evaluate audit samples more efficiently #4411
    • More prior construction methods #700
    • UVB functionality #1149
  • More computing speed for RoBMA #4408
  • Previously the effect size estimates and confidence intervals in the one-sample t-test were defined in terms of mean differences, thus, with respect to the test point. This created some confusion. Both the effect size estimates and confidence intervals are now defined in terms of the mean, thus, independently of the test point #4407
  • Updates to Data Library (new Datasaurus and World Happiness examples) #4393

The complete release notes are available here. Go to the download page to get started with JASP 0.14.1.