JASP Workshop Goes Online, Fees Reduced

This is an update regarding the JASP summer workshop “Theory and Practice of Bayesian Hypothesis Testing” originally scheduled for August 24-25, 2020. Unfortunately, the ongoing outbreak of COVID19 and the associated international travel restrictions make it impossible to proceed with the workshop as planned.

We therefore decided to offer an online version of the workshop on the same dates. The online workshop will mainly take place during business hours in our local time zone (CEST). However, we will attempt to accommodate the needs of international participants as well. A detailed plan of this online workshop will follow later.

Due to the lower costs of organizing an online workshop, we decided to decrease the workshop fees by 100€ for all price categories. The updated prices can be found on our workshop website.

Can I still register?

Yes, you can! If you are interested in participating in the online version of the workshop, we invite you to register in our Conftool system. Registration will remain open until a few days before the workshop.

What if I already signed up for the in-person workshop?

Of course, everyone who already registered for the in-person workshop is still free to decide if they want to follow the online version. Please let us know here if you still plan to participate. We will then register you for the online event. If you have already paid, you will be refunded the difference.

Take care, and we hope to see you at the workshop in August.


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