Introducing JASP 0.13

JASP 0.13 has been released and is now available on our download page. JASP 0.13 contains the following new features and improvements:

  • Linear Mixed Models and Generalized Linear Mixed Models. JASP version 0.13 adds the possibility to analyze both classical and Bayesian linear mixed models and generalized linear mixed models. This analysis is now available on the ribbon, in between ANOVA and Regression.



  • Reliability module (with Bayesian analyses). In previous JASP versions, classical reliability analyses could be found, somewhat arbitrarily, underneath Descriptives. From JASP 0.13 onwards, the reliability analyses have moved and are now available as a module. In addition to the classical reliability analyses, the module now also contains Bayesian reliability analyses.



  • Contrasts for interaction effects have been added to ANOVA. These contrasts allow combinations of factor levels to be compared to each other. This also includes custom contrasts.

  • The Bayesian A/B test has been added to the Summary Stats module. This makes it even easier to conduct a Bayesian re-analysis of the comparison of two proportions. Just type four numbers and a comprehensive Bayesian reanalysis can be conducted in a matter of seconds.

  • R console functionality has been added as a module. This is a preliminary first step towards a complete integration with R. We expect to make improvements to the R console in the near future.



The new analyses depend on many R package and we’re grateful to the package developers, the newly added/updated packages can be found in the release notes. All R packages used in JASP can be found here.

For a complete list of features and fixes, or to get started with JASP 0.13 right away, head over to our download page.


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