Training Videos for Using JASP in Online Statistics Instruction

As statistics instructors, students, and researchers around the world discover JASP, more of them a seeking guidance on how to use it. When your software is being developed at “breakneck speed” it is sometimes difficult to keep up with training.

The JASP team has added a series of training videos for common frequentist statistical tests using the newest JASP Version .12. This series comes at an important time when universities across the world are considering how they will conduct their courses this fall and many are turning to online options. Even seated courses need friendly training for students who are new to statistics.

Dr. Todd Daniel in Missouri, USA, developed the video series and hosts it on his Research by Design YouTube channel.

  • The videos introduce students to the most common analyses in an introductory level class
  • Videos are self-contained for people who want to learn a specific analysis
  • But they were also designed to accompany a full online statistics course, also available on the YouTube channel
  • Datasets used in the series can be downloaded from a Google Drive folder through a link in each video’s description
  • Each video includes an example APA write-up.

The series picks up with descriptive statistics.

How to Create Frequencies using JASP

Computing Central Tendency (Mean, Median, Mode) in JASP

Computing Variability (Standard Deviation, Variance, & Range) with JASP

Computing the Five Number Summary with JASP

Next, we shift to the variants of t-tests for one or two samples, including an introduction to one-tailed tests.

How to Do a One Sample t Test in JASP

How to Do a One-Tailed Hypothesis Test in JASP

How to do an Independent Samples t Test in JASP

How to do a Paired Samples t Test in JASP

Then we cover the General Linear Model with ANOVA, correlation, and simple linear regression. Right now, there is one-way ANOVA, but repeated-measures ANOVA is in the works, too.

How to do a One-Way ANOVA in JASP

How to do a Pearson Correlation in JASP

How to do Simple Linear Regression in JASP

And we wrap up with two approaches to chi-square.

How to do a One-Way ANOVA in JASP

How to do a One-Way Goodness of Fit Chi-Square in JASP

Looking Forward

JASP is statistically inclusive, so in the future, Dr. Daniel plans to replicate the frequentist videos with their Bayesian counterparts. He wants to present the two approaches so that researchers and students familiar with frequentist approaches can teach themselves Bayesian stats, building upon the knowledge they already possess.

He is currently working on five new videos introducing JASP, the JASP workspace, setting variables, and sorting and calculating new variables, plus a bonus video on citing JASP in APA style for the new 7th edition. With the addition of these videos, instructors who want to use JASP in their classroom now have a complete set of on-demand JASP training for their students.


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