JASP for Education and Research; A Pilot Project at Utrecht University

At Utrecht University JASP is increasingly used by lecturers in statistics courses and by thesis students and researchers for the (Bayesian) evaluation of their data. To contribute to the further development of JASP and to facilitate its use at Utrecht University a pilot project has started executed by scientists from Utrecht University.

Core features of this project are: the addition of one or two modules to JASP that are developed by scientists at Utrecht University, active support of lecturers who want to use JASP in their lectures and lab-meetings; and, last but not least, an inventory will be made of features that are lacking or should be improved. To further embed JASP at Utrecht University in the fall of 2020 a “University Utrecht JASP user group” will be created that connects the JASP users and developers at Utrecht University. Further information about or input for this pilot project can be obtained from/given to Herbert Hoijtink (h.hoijtink@uu.nl).


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About the authors

Herbert Hoijtink

Herbert Hoijtink is professor at Utrecht University.