Webinar: Theory and Practice of Bayesian Inference Using JASP

In June, 2019, three JASP team members (Alexander Etz, Julia Haaf, and Johnny van Doorn) taught a webinar on Bayesian inference for The Society for Personality and Social Psychology.
The webinar provides a gentle introduction to Bayesian statistics and demonstrates how to perform Bayesian analyses using JASP. The video is structured as follows:

  • Bayesian basics
  • Bayesian hypothesis testing and the t-test
  • Bayesian (RM) ANOVA

No background in Bayesian statistics is required. The slides and example data sets can be found on the corresponding OSF repository: https://osf.io/9nwep/








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About the authors

Johnny van Doorn

Johnny van Doorn is a PhD candidate at the Psychological Methods department of the University of Amsterdam. At JASP, he is responsible for Bayesian nonparametric analyses.

Alexander Etz

Alexander Etz is a PhD student in the department of cognitive sciences at the University of California, Irvine.

Julia Haaf

Julia Haaf is postdoc at the Psychological Methods Group at the University of Amsterdam.