A Sneak Peek at JASP 0.12

JASP 0.12 will offer important new functionality, including:

  • Bayesian meta-analysis;
  • Classical and Bayesian equivalence testing;
  • Discover distributions;
  • Visual modeling with Flexplot;
  • and various additions to ANOVA.

Also, JASP 0.12 offers improved annotation facilities, and our first language other than English — Dutch! (other languages will follow). Just set your language preference to Dutch, and the GUI, the output, and the help files will immediately change into one of the most graceful, popular languages in the world. 😉 Who would not want to conduct their statistical analyses in Dutch? And there is a lot more…so stay tuned for JASP 0.12! Out soon.

The video was edited and produced by Robbert de Vries.

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