Announcing JASP 0.10.2

JASP 0.10.2 has been released and is now available on our download page. This version contains the following new features and improvements: 

  • The “JASP for Audit” module that provides a systematic workflow for the auditing practice and supports both frequentist and Bayesian analyses
  • Mediation analysis  
  • Post-hoc test for between*within interactions in mixed ANOVA 
  • Q-Q plot in descriptives 
  • Effect sizes for independent t-test 
  • Arrange analyses in desired order 
  • Find OSF files easier according to name and date  
  • Simple control of variables by sorting alphabetically or by type 
  • Bug fixes for the Bain module
  • Added documentation to the Bayesian A/B test 
    • How to open a help file in JASP 


For a complete list of fixes and features, or to get started with JASP 0.10.2 right away, head over to our download page.

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