Introducing JASP 0.10

JASP 0.10 has been released and is now available on our download page. As we showed in our previous blog post this release contains some major improvements. We completely revamped our user interface and some brand new analyses. The following features are included in this version:

  • Interface adjustments
    • Data panel, analysis input panel and results panel can be manipulated much more intuitively with sliders and show/hide buttons
    • Changed the analysis input panel to have an overview of all opened analyses and added the possibility to change titles, to show documentation, and remove analyses
  • Enhanced the navigation through the file menu; it is now possible to use arrow keys or simply hover over the buttons

  • Added possibility to scale the entire application with Ctrl +, Ctrl – and Ctrl 0

  • Added MANOVA
  • Added Confirmatory Factor Analysis
  • Added Bayesian Multinomial Test

  • Included additional menu preferences to customize JASP to your needs

  • Added/updated help files for most analyses
  • R engine updated from 3.4.4 to 3.5.2
  • Added Šidák correction for post-hoc tests (AN(C)OVA)
  • Added bootstrapping for post-hoc tests (AN(C)OVA)
  • Added bootstrapping for marginal means (AN(C)OVA)
  • Ability to plot a covariate on the horizontal axis (ANCOVA)
  • Added post-hoc tests for interactions (RM ANOVA)
  • Added marginal means (RM ANOVA)
  • Added bootstrapping for marginal means (RM ANOVA)
  • Added confidence intervals for post-hoc tests (RM ANOVA)
  • More complete Sphericity tests (Chi-squared and df; RM ANOVA)
  • Added generalized eta squared effect size (RM ANOVA)
  • Added Cox & Snell R-squared (Logistic regression)
  • Added Wald test for coefficients (Logistic regression)
  • Added casewise diagnostics (Logistic regression)
  • Added bootstrapping for coefficients (Logistic regression)
  • Added R-squared for observed variables (SEM)
  • Added Shapiro-Wilks test (Descriptives)
  • Added median absolute deviation (Descriptives)
  • Added interquartile range (Descriptives)
  • Enhanced stability of Bayesian Mann-Whitney U test (Bayesian t-test)
  • Included table and plot for single model and model averaged posterior distributions (Bayesian ANOVA’s)
  • Added single model and model averaged QQ plots (Bayesian ANOVA’s)
  • Added single model and model averaged R-squared (Bayesian ANOVA’s)

For a complete list of fixes and features, or to get started with JASP 0.10 right away, head over to our download page.

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