Soon to be released: JASP 0.10.0

In just a few weeks JASP will be releasing version 0.10.0. This may seem like a small step from 0.9.2, especially considering the time we spent on it, but we feel the result is definitely worth it.
One of the key changes in 0.10.0 is the way you can interact with the interface. It has become much easier to change between different panels; for example, your data is only a single click away when you’re viewing the output of an analysis. Previously, this required you to drag the results panel until your data started appearing. But even then, it was impossible to maximize the data panel, a portion of the results panel would remain. In 0.10.0 you can also quickly toggle back to your results, without having to do any manual resizing.

In addition to improving the way you interact with the different panels, we also made enhancements within these panels. A good example is the panel where you specify your analysis parameters.

                                          0.9.2                                                                                                          0.10.0











ANOVA & Descriptives analyses performed in 0.9.2 and 0.10.0. In 0.9.2 you could not switch between analyses in the input panel.

We made it easier to keep track of, close and get information about the different analyses you perform. You won’t have to find the correct analysis in the results panel anymore to tweak its parameters.
Of course, it would not be very useful to have multiple analyses with the same title, so we made it possible to adjust each title by clicking on the little pencil icon.

The changes we highlighted so far are only the tip of the iceberg. We implemented new analyses (MANOVA, anyone?), new features — the much requested post-hoc comparisons for interactions will finally be included — and various bug fixes.
We hope you’ll appreciate the changes we made in the upcoming version of JASP. We intend to return to a more regular release schedule, as we can now cross the panel redesign off our list.

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