Beyond p < .05 — A JASP Workshop in Padova

Buongiorno! The JASP team is in Padova this week for the International Winter School Beyond p < .05 – Modern Statistical Approaches in Psychological Science, which is taking place at the Università di Padova. The winter school aims to provide their participants with a set of theoretical and applied tools to conduct and critically evaluate methodologically and statistically rigorous research in psychological science. In this historic city, between the sunny piazzas and hot espressos, JASP is ready to give a workshop that teaches these eager researchers how to conduct, interpret and report a Bayesian analysis.


Our recently published preprint “The JASP Guidelines for Conducting and Reporting a Bayesian Analysis” is a step-by-step walkthrough of the process of Bayesian hypothesis testing and therefore ideal for guiding newcomers in their statistical journey. The Padova workshop consists of two lectures, each spanning two hours, in which we use the preprint to explain the different components of a Bayesian analysis. The first part is more theoretical, explaining the rationale and intuition behind the cycle of Bayesian belief updating. Participants gain essential knowledge in this first lecture, learning what a prior represents and what a Bayes factor tells us exactly. We try to stimulate interaction with— and between participants by introducing playful intermezzo’s where everyone can learn from each other. The second part is more practical. With three example walkthroughs of common tests (binomial, correlation & t-test) in JASP, we take participants by the hand in conducting their own first Bayesian analysis, before setting them free to work independently. Participants receive a workshop booklet containing the preprint and enjoyable exercises about some interesting hypotheses.


Upon completion of the workshop, participants have a complete understanding of what is needed for a robust, convincing and elegant Bayesian analysis. The workshop booklet can be taken home and be considered a resource for later questions or practice.

About the authors

Angelika Stefan

Angelika Stefan is a PhD candidate at the Psychological Methods group at the University of Amsterdam. At JASP, she contributes to the JASP data library and educational material.

Koen Derks

Koen Derks is a PhD candidate at Nyenrode Business University and at the Psychological Methods group at the University of Amsterdam. At JASP, he is creating JfA, an add-on module for Auditing.