JASP 2018 in Review

Below is a summary of what the JASP project has accomplished this year.


JASP was downloaded over 150,000 times this year, which is a 100% increase compared to the year before. Most of the downloads came from the US (28%), The Netherlands (6%), France (5%), the UK (5%), Germany (5%), and China (5%). However, in 2018 JASP has been downloaded at least once from almost every country in the world. Part of the increase in downloads is due to the growing number of universities that have started to use JASP for their statistics classes. Additionally, dozens of JASP workshops have been taught this year in countries such as The Netherlands, the UK, Indonesia, and Brazil.

New Features and Analyses

This year we released five versions of JASP, the most recent one being 0.9.2 on the 10th of December. These are some features that were added this year:

In addition, behind the scenes we’ve changed the JASP architecture in preparation for some major advances that are planned for next year.

The JASP Community

As you can see on the JASP-around-the-world map on our Teaching page, JASP is used in statistics classes all over the world. A great deal of the increasing internationality of the JASP project is due to fantastic contributions from the JASP community. For instance, Mark Goss-Sampson wrote a 119-page in-depth student’s guide that has already been translated into Bahasa Melayu, Erin Buchanan teaches how to use JASP to thousands of students via her YouTube channel, and Christopher Halter recently published Exploring Statistical Analysis Using JASP: Volume Three Frequentist & Bayesian Approaches on Amazon. Furthermore, we are delighted that Erin Buchanan and Merlise Clyde joined the JASP advisory board.

In closing, we would like to thank all of our users for supporting the JASP project; we are particularly grateful for feature requests, suggestions for improvement, and financial support. We look forward to adding many more features in the near future. From all of us at JASP, we wish you a happy, license-free new year!

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