Fourth Annual JASP Workshop in Amsterdam: Theory and Practice of Bayesian Hypothesis Testing

Our annual JASP workshop takes place in Amsterdam on August 27-28, and there are still places available. The workshop is taught by Richard Morey and myself. This year we will discuss several new features, including Bayesian model averaging for linear regression (based on Merlise Clyde’s BAS package in R) and our newly developed Bayesian A/B test. Below is a summary of the program — more information can be found here.


In this two-day workshop, plenary lectures provide the theoretical background of Bayesian statistics and Bayesian hypothesis testing; in addition, practical exercises demonstrate how the JASP program is applied to to a wide range of common statistical scenarios. This workshop provides an appreciation for the theoretical foundations that underlie Bayesian hypothesis testing, but its main goal is to teach participants the practical skills needed in order to execute and report Bayesian analyses for the models that form the bread-and-butter of statistical inference: t-tests, correlations, regression, ANOVA, and contingency tables.

Target audience

This workshop will provide attendees with a friendly, gentle introduction to the theory behind Bayesian hypothesis testing and is therefore suited for everyone new to Bayesian inference. The possibilities of practical Bayesian hypothesis testing using JASP will be illustrated with concrete examples. At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to carry out statistical analyses in JASP, interpret the output, and report the results. Our examples are general and the proposed methodology applies across the empirical disciplines (e.g., psychology, sociology, biology, economics, etc.).


The workshop is taught by Eric-Jan Wagenmakers and Richard Morey, with assistance from Dora Matzke, Alexander Ly, Johnny van Doorn, Quentin Gronau, Don van den Bergh and Alexandra Sarafoglou.


More details about the workshop can be found here.


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About the author

Eric-Jan Wagenmakers

Eric-Jan (EJ) Wagenmakers is professor at the Psychological Methods Group at the University of Amsterdam. EJ guides the development of JASP.