A New Video on How to Perform a Logistic Regression Analysis in JASP

When trying to fit a regression model where the dependent variable is categorical, logistic regression is the weapon of choice. Implemented in JASP 0.8.3, logistic regression just got some nice upgrades in the latest version of JASP, 0.8.5. Logistic regression makes it possible to analyze and learn from data if your outcome variable is categorical in nature, such as whether people prefer *NSYNC over the Backstreet Boys. [Please use the hashtag #JASPBoyBandCheck to post your results.]

To explain how to perform a logistic regressionin JASP, we uploaded a video to our YouTube channel. In the video, we’re trying to predict whether passengers survived the sinking of the Titanic based on their age and passenger class. The data set was taken from R (https://stat.ethz.ch/R-manual/R-devel/library/datasets/html/Titanic.html). To follow along with the explanation in the video, you can download the data set and the annotated JASP file. If any questions remain, you can turn to our forum.

The video was voiced by Alexander Etz, written by Alexandra Sarafoglou, edited and produced by Tim Draws. Erik-Jan van Kesteren implemented this analysis, which is based on the general stats package of R.

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About the author

Tim Draws

Tim Draws is a PhD candidate in the Web Information Systems group at Delft University of Technology. At JASP, he is contributing to the Machine Learning Module.