A New Video on How to Perform a Network Analysis in JASP

The most recent release of JASP (0.8.4) contains several new features, one of which is the network module. This module makes it possible to perform extensive network analyses on your data and produce informative plots and tables. Today, we uploaded an introductory video to our YouTube channel that explains how to perform a network analysis in JASP.

To follow along with the explanation in the video, you can download the dataset and the annotated JASP-file. If any questions remain, you can turn to our forum.

The items in the dataset that was used for the explanation were taken from the ipip (Goldberg, 1999), whereas the data were obtained by the SAPA project (Revelle, Wilt and Rosenthal, 2010). You can find more details here.

The video was voiced by Alexander Etz, written by Alexandra Sarafoglou, edited and produced by Tim Draws.

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Goldberg, L.R. (1999) A broad-bandwidth, public domain, personality inventory measuring the lower-level facets of several five-factor models. In Mervielde, I. and Deary, I. and De Fruyt, F. and Ostendorf, F. (Eds.), Personality psychology in Europe. 7. Tilburg University Press. Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Revelle, W., Wilt, J., and Rosenthal, A. (2010) Individual Differences in Cognition: New Methods for examining the Personality-Cognition Link In Gruszka, A. and Matthews, G. and Szymura, B. (Eds.), Handbook of Individual Differences in Cognition: Attention, Memory and Executive Control. Springer.

About the author

Tim Draws

Tim Draws is a PhD candidate in the Web Information Systems group at Delft University of Technology. At JASP, he is contributing to the Machine Learning Module.