Just Out: JASP 0.8.3 — More Bang for No Bucks

We are happy to report that JASP 0.8.3 is now ready for download. Some of the new features have already been discussed in our previous post. Specifically, JASP 0.8.3 now includes logistic regression, hierarchical regression (i.e., the stepwise addition of predictors), a progress bar, and much more.

Improvements in 0.8.3

  1. Added logistic regression
  2. Added hierarchical regression
  3. Added progress bar to Bayesian ANOVA’s and regression
  4. Reduced the size of the installer
  5. Added effect sizes to post-hoc tests ANOVA
  6. Added confidence intervals to rank correlations
  7. Added ability to change y-axis in RM ANOVA descriptives plots
  8. Added ability to add/change missing values
  9. Added preference option to change the number of decimals that are displayed
  10. Added option to toggle frequentist correlation table to pairwise display
  11. Additional info robustness check for “Common t-tests” and correlation pairs
  12. Reworked the layout of the Preferences window
  13. Changed display of Bayesian and frequentist correlations to below diagonal
  14. Changed the look of the About window
  15. Removed autofilling of options when another instance of an analysis is started
  16. Better handling of column type changes
  17. Updated references for most analyses
  18. Made analysis titles consistent across analyses


  1. Fixed analysis crash when RM and between factors name match
  2. Fixed bug where JASP crashes if you load data between running analyses
  3. Fixed layout of GUI SEM
  4. Fixed issue where files from old JASP versions cause problems in newer versions
  5. Fixed bug where About window would go behind main window
  6. Fixed analysis crash when Vovk-Sellke was selected in correlations
  7. Fixed issue with importing of PSPP files
  8. Fixed issue where RM factor is reset when the analysis options are refreshed
  9. Changed base of logarithm to e in Bayesian correlation matrix
  10. Fixed vanishing of footnotes in Bayesian correlation matrix
  11. Fixed plot for logBF robustness in correlation pairs

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