“With two fingers up the nose”: Utrecht University makes JASP available to its 30,000 students and staff

We are happy to report that, just last week, Utrecht University installed JASP on its central IT system, making it instantly available to all of its students and staff. Through the UU platform ‘MyWorkplace’, it is now possible to access JASP anywhere, anytime, and from any device, both on campus and at home.

Utrecht University is one of the largest universities in the Netherlands, with over 30,000 students. When asked how much effort was involved in the installation of JASP, their IT department answered: “Packaging JASP was simple. The process falls in the category ‘two fingers up the nose'”. For those who do not speak Klingon Dutch, this expression (“met twee vingers in de neus”) is meant to convey that something took very little effort.

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About the author

Eric-Jan Wagenmakers

Eric-Jan (EJ) Wagenmakers is professor at the Psychological Methods Group at the University of Amsterdam. EJ guides the development of JASP.