A Fresh Way to do Statistics

JASP, a low fat alternative to SPSS, a delicious alternative to R. Now with extra Ravi!

JASP 0.3

Source code is available on GitHub here


Version 0.3 is available now - 22-07-2014

We're getting to the stage now where we just don't know about that many bugs, so if you find one, we probably don't know about it. Please submit to the JASP issue tracker here.

We are looking for individuals that teach statistics, who would be interested in teaching JASP at their institution. JASP already contains many analyses, and more are added each week. We may have all the analyses you need by the time your semester begins. Drop us a line, and talk to us about your needs. We are very keen to support the teaching of JASP!

Jonathon can be contacted at: jon [at] thon [dot] cc


Coming soon!

Limitations (This is an alpha!)

Bug Reports, Feature Requests

Bug Reports and Feature Requests can be made through JASP's GitHub page, here


JASP is a collaborative project. See the GitHub contributors page for details